Topfer Six

The success Six Sigma results just at this stage quite strongly from intelligent linking of different tools and methods of analysis. The main causes of the problem are found here is now to develop solutions with high efficiency and low implementation effort and to assess their actual effectiveness. In the last phase of the project it comes then to prevent the sawtooth effect and to ensure the sustainability of the improvements. (LTC) wanted to know more. The methods used in the project, and instruments are all for himself alone taken not new. However, the consequence of the method used and the use of networked are new to generate knowledge systematically. This means that the application and implementation of Six Sigma is to learn at a very reasonable cost. For example, days are needed only 1-2 as an Executive to learn how Six Sigma targeted successfully can be used to achieve existing targets. The application of six sigma means not even that you have for your first projects a green belt or even a black belt need.

The methodological skills can buy at a manageable cost and the project savings exceed investment in six sigma competencies typically several-fold. Many of our customers have gone so and so to speak tested Six Sigma in the own house with own project topics and previously users were all then to the convinced Six Sigma. M + M Six Sigma Academy the M + M Six Sigma Academy was founded in 2004 by Prof. Dr. Armin Topfer and supported since renowned companies from manufacturing and services at the Oaks success application and introduction of six sigma. Gives you one-stop everything you would need, Sigma successfully to carry out an entry and expansion by six. Includes our offer of all forms of six sigma qualification of the basic seminar and essential seminar about champion training, green belt training, black belt training to a master black belt training. “On the other hand, the active management/support of six sigma includes projects as part of our offer rent a belt”.

We also have Sigma in your business by the quality management system with extensive experience in the integration of six up to the coupling to strategy, controlling, and target systems. Benefit Sigma from our longtime six experience both in the production and the service sector. The M + m Six Sigma seminars in-house or at our M + M Six Sigma Academy, you do have the possibility to acquire the tools for the successful application of six sigma in your organization.