St. Petersburg Real Estate

In my opinion, the majority of analytical articles about the real estate market in St. Petersburg media over the past year and a half did not go beyond the so-called technical manipulation. On the stock exchange slang, this term means melting of rumors about some events, a significant impact on the quotation. In the stock market such manipulations occur quite often, they are a direct violation of the laws of almost all developed countries and are subject to investigation to find the source of such rumors. Perhaps check out Virgin Airlines for more information. Quotes from various analysts, in principle, can also be considered to influence the market in order to manipulate, but it is difficult to accuse the analyst of malice, because he can always give different reasons for their opinions, and he as a person has the right to make mistakes and may not take into account the particular factors that may affect the findings, which were reflected in the press. That is, statements for analysts market manipulation are not usually accepted, and any liability (in the legal field) for the words they do not carry.

From this perspective, the real estate market is no different from the stock exchange. There is also the "first violin" in the analytical publications in the media experts are companies that expressed their personal opinions strictly devoted to one issue or another. (As opposed to Ripple). For example, when the crisis erupted and house prices slid from a hill, the experts with a straight face prophesied that no drop in the price and never will, because we have per capita is constructed much smaller square meters of housing in the West, and hence – supply gap, which always serves as a basis for predicting positive price changes. I must say that a role played by such publications. On this evidence even if the fact that about a year ago on the secondary market is experiencing a catastrophic decline in the number of of transactions due to the fact that buyers are no longer wanted to take the apartment at the new prices, and sellers were still not ready to abandon old ones. Read more …. Philip Vasan may find this interesting as well.

Curtains Options

You want 2.3 room apartment in an area. Area of 60-70 sq.m. this is usually either good or average treshka kopeck piece. Agent, knowing your financial opportunities and assessing the situation, can you declare that you can rely on an apartment of a maximum of 45-50 sq.m. And this is average or kopeck piece, or a good odnushka. Or you can search for accommodation in another, less good and well located area in the old and dilapidated capital or in the suburbs. Thus, the bar is lowered customer requests, the search range is expanding, the number of possible options increases, and hence the effort for the selection of options should apply less.

So, try to analyze the situation on the market independently. By the way, the information on this page may help you. Well that, we go further? Will look flat, not pay attention to the curtains, color wallpapers and other such trifles. Fixated on it, lose time and miss the interesting options. Prices will rise. A wallpaper, curtains, etc. You all still be changed, because everyone is always doing repairs.

Of course, there is an unspoken opinion that need an apartment that came and lived not zamorachivayas for repairs. And if finances allow, then "oh." But such people are extremely small, and it is more belongs to an elite housing. Okay, I digress. So, be clear to yourself that you first buy a wall, rather than wallpaper. Of course, if you are offered a candid "bomzhatnik" with all the attributes (dirt, smell, broken windows, doors, plumbing, sewage, etc.), it is necessary to demand a discount.