The shape of the profile also depends on how much, if properly mounted on finished roof visible vertical joints of sheets. Horizontal joints on the quality of metal are practically invisible, because they are in the area shaded in a higher crest. Therefore, ask the seller show pictures of roofs covered with metal tile selected profile. Pay special attention to the 'solidity' of the roof, ie, apparent lack of transverse joints sheets. The service life of the roof depends largely on from the coating of metal. Optimal coverage is by far the 'Puranas', based on a combination of performance and price. If you want to provide the greatest stability of the coating, advisable to choose 'PVF2'. And probably reasonable in this case, buying the most famous brand in the maximum configuration.

For those who are important to a complete absence of light on the roof (although the tiles of clay, which mimics metal, glitter is present), there's Matt polyester. " If you do not have any high demands for reliability, fit 'Polyester'. When choosing colors for future design of the roof are taken into account at home, the surrounding landscape and then which color you prefer. However, it must be borne in mind that the surface of metal dark colors on a hot sunny day, very hot. When properly made ventilation underlay space in the attic of a house with dark roof will be hot and stuffy.

The bright metal pollution more visible. Once you have chosen a particular kind of metal roofing for your home or have decided to fully trust Specialist advice will need to choose a company where you buy stuff. The same (in the sense, produced by the same factory) metalocherepitsu can be purchased from various retailers. We advise to buy there, which is cheaper, if the level of consultation, service, transparency, respect for you as an individual, personal approach to your project fit your needs. In this case, you can be sure that working with a company focusing on the long and competitive performance in this market. The service life of your roofing system is designed for decades. Who else but the seller must be all this time, a guarantor of quality the roof of your house? Another very important point. You should know that the life of a roof depends on the quality of its installation. Therefore, it is essential to the existence of the firm of the seller's own roofing crews and licensed practice of assembling metal. Even if you do its builders, this practice does counseling, guidance and responsibility of the chosen firm's real.



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