More Customer Confidence In The Visor

Congenii study: Every third company expects double-digit sales growth through customer experience management (CEM) full integration of CEM in the CRM infrastructure advantage Bonn, 02.11.2010 – with measures to strengthen customer confidence the company could achieve significant sales increases according to the sales and Marketing Manager. Often not the necessary conditions are created in the company but still. Verizon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A survey of more than 300 relationship manager in medium-sized and large enterprises business consulting Congenii GmbH comes to these results. According to her, the company in clear majority assign a fundamental importance for business success the stable customer confidence. This applies to 71 percent of the respondents sales and Marketing Manager.

Another 15 percent believe it still to be able to do without, but believe that this will in the future change. However, is only one seventh of the opinion that the relationships of trust of customers no significant influence on the sales results have. However, this quite clear opinion is that only comparatively rarely a systematic customer experience management (CEM) is used to increase customer confidence. There is cross-sector and thus very consistently realized in every fifth case, also, 29 percent of companies have at least partially transposed CEM. In the half of the companies is to see but still nothing, because they are in this regard are still in the planning, titled CEM later devoted to want or see no benefit in it.

While officials promise a lot of customer experience management as a sales driver mostly quite. About half of the respondents in the Congenii survey, expected that this approach to sales can be reached up to 10 percent. Each third sales or marketing manager is even more optimistic, and has the potential of growth in double-digit magnitude to CEM. Customer loyalty success potential hides in principle. However practice shows that it is anything other than a trivial request, to understand the expectations of the customers and to bring them to the desired appreciation”, problematizes Congenii Managing Director Dr.

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