Middle East National Congresses

Of papo with its congressional amigo. Mr. Ptolomeu I and my family alone trust Mr. Debtor! Its Tavares socofio I in its family also. Mr. Ptolomeu I ask to it what I make to obtain a consultation in the SUS? Oh this is easy. Mr. Tavares this I negotiate that the SUS not of the ball for people as you are pure deceit you are a lie who nail to desestabilizar the confidence of the government publish.

To obtain a consultation in the SUS it is simple: there m-60 to arrive is enough you armed with one, a garnet or a R15 and botar in the head of the doctor is perhaps taken care of who you quickly and until faster than you can imagine, go that the security reacts and is faster than Mr. it fulls and it of bullet and there ready Mr. already is in the doors of this institution that in them so expensive and is loved by all and immediately will be taken care of. Another form of quickly being taken care of is you already to be medicates and to be working in the institution. We also have one another option Mr.

to be governing politician of preference and Mr. the least to tossir the hospital is immediately closed alone to take care of it, but let us agree Mr. Tavares if you he was governor of the state would not be begging for attendance in the SUS, more known for scare, because the citizen arrives there for return of the trez of the morning and takes a scare unhappy because the line already this arriving at China. I have received letters currently and endorsed ideas many creative ones from patients who are going for the Middle East to make courses with terrorists and to learn its tactics and techniques of assault the environments inhospitable and unsurmountable very similar to the SUS, surrounded of enemies (employee with the degree highest of irritation and disdain and general indifference with the population) everything to only be the first ones to be taken care of.



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