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In this article: What is a photo stock? How much can I earn? What you need to start working with photo stock? What to shoot? What sinks work? How to get the money earned on photo stock? What is a photo stock? Photo stock – an organization that acts as an intermediary between the author photograph (photographer, model …) and buyer (magazines, designers, …). Photo stock is a site to which you trying to post image and photo stock for a commission selling this image to the customer. Of particular interest are microstocks – their distinctive feature is that despite the low price of the unit selling images You can sell the same image as many times, and place it on an unlimited number of drainage sites. At the moment there are so many microstock, but from practice, I can say that it is better to choose a few sites and focus on working with them. Go to cloud computing for more information. For myself, I chose the following four flow: How much can I earn? The amount received from the sale of a unit the size of the image, which bought image (the size above, those above and price respectively), as well as on your status on a particular photo stock. As a general rule most of the images are purchased by subscription (the buyer to subscribe to the drain, pays subscription fee for it and may buy a certain number of images per month. On the one selling author on a subscription to receive an average $ 0.25. .

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