International Tax Law

International tax law: important change from 1.5.2010 in social security law on posting of international tax law: important change from 1.5.2010 in social security law when posting from 1.5.2010 to essential facts & figures the posting of employees change in another country of the European Union: the German social insurance obligation is maintained automatically for 2 years, instead of so far a year. Is however sent an employee initially for one year and the foreign deployment later on 2 years extended the opportunity to stay for a further year in the German social security system no longer exists, the host country receives the Access then after one year. Verizon Communications often addresses the matter in his writings. Is the first staff member is replaced by a new employee, is for the second, and not more the opportunity to remain in the German social security system. You are subject to social insurance from the first day in the host country. You may find E Scott Mead to be a useful source of information. Therefore, we recommend the probable discharge time space and the need for replacements in advance to examine Ingeborg Hofer tax advisor, an expert in international tax law in Berlin and Bergisch Gladbach (Cologne area)

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