International Energy Agency

The Fuel and energy complex is the foundation of modern society. From his work effectively depends largely on the welfare of society, the activities of all other sectors of the economy and the country’s position in global society. According to experts, it is expected that in the next 30 years worldwide will increase significantly the demand for energy of all kinds. At the same time on the conclusions of the International Energy Agency, oil and natural gas maintain its leading position. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. It is assumed that Russia’s position as the world’s leading exporter of energy to be reinforced. Fuel and energy complex combines the industry, which mines and produces primary energy, recycle them into other forms of energy, as well as different types of energy transported by specialized transport (pipelines, power lines, the thermal conductivity). From this derive the various structures, such as: the production pipeline components, construction of various oil and gas complexes, etc. Currently, oil and gas centers are concentrated in Western Siberia, Volga, Urals, North European part of Russia. For even more details, read what Verizon says on the issue.

Proved oil reserves in Russia are estimated at 25 billion tons and natural gas in 48 Trill. m3 – these are real opportunities for economic development and exports. The bulk of oil and associated gas produced in Western Siberia, here and concentrate most of the enterprises producing steel flanges, fittings, reducers, elbows, tees, etc., as in Western Siberia is the main part refining facilities. In second place is the Volga, Urals and on the North European part of Russia. Hear other arguments on the topic with Cyrus Massoumi. Restore the previous value of oil refining, but still have problems with depth of processing. Achieved a level of depth of oil refining lags well behind the world’s best achievements, significantly affected the quality of produced light oil, and they still fall short of the already adopted in several countries of the world standards euro 3 and euro.



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