Friedrichstadt Palast

He the galante guide is always in a lost time, he skillfully with inimitable humour and ESPRIT likes to present. His renowned teachers were KS. Nicolai Gedda, Maximilian Schell, Prof. August Everding, KS Peter Schreier, KS. Renate Holm and Marta Eggerth Kiepura in New York. Numerous stage performances led Heiko Reissig alongside renowned colleagues from stage, film and television Ivan Rebroff, Fred Bertelmann, Waltraut Haas, Erkan Aki, Deborah Sasson, Ben Becker, Maxi Arland, Sir Peter Ustinov, Max Raabe, Reiner Suss and Ilse Werner, such as such as Johannes Heesters, Rene Kollo, Jochen Kowalski, Renate Holm, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Walter Plathe, Lord Yehudi Menuhin, Eva Lind.

The charismatic singer is a welcome guest at theatres, at festivals and concerts and guest performances at home and abroad. He is soloist and leader of the ensemble Berlin Grammophoniker”at their acclaimed entertainment concerts. Collaborations with CD, Radio, film and television productions are an expression of his artistic versatility. As founder and longtime recent Festival Director of in Germany, as well as Director of the Elbe country Festival Wittenberge, he directed the artistic skills of the successful internally. Festival of Operetta and serene Scenic Arts in the State of Brandenburg, which are also regularly broadcast by the ARD television with great audience response for several years. That the charming crowd-pleaser has its lausbubenhaften, fun loving and lovable kind for best entertainment, and often for very special surprises, has closed down it in the hearts of many avid fans. Bert Beel Bert Beel, the Bachelor born on December 1, 1944 in Berlin, is an old acquaintance who is always young for Germany’s pop audience.

He obtained his – not only external – fresh is his seemingly carefree, in reality but very concentrated and ambitious attitude to his work as entertainers. It began in 1973 on the International Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin. In the ARD “Talent shed” the SWF it ranked first this major junior competition among many competitors. His ambition led clearly to realize that it is not enough to rest on the laurels once won, but that it is essential to continue working in. Bert Beel wanted to remain not only singers, but to establish itself as an entertainer. To do this, he got the opportunity as a singing, dancing and parodierender star guest in several big Revue shows in the Friedrichstadt Palast in Berlin. The recordings of these shows Bert Beel helped a great popularity especially in the eastern part of our country. But even us Bert Beel again and again as a guest on television to see; whether in WIM of tailor “Large prize”, in the “RTL-Music Revue”, or with his partner Stefanie Simon as Steffi & Bert in the “hit parade of folk music” by the SWF in Baden-Baden. His talent, charming and entertaining chat, earned him a more interesting activities. Bert Beel presented the popular greeting and request show “TUSCH” at the German television broadcasting and on the German holiday station RTC in Rimini he was asked as moderator. Always reinvents himself BERT BEEL, never stops, always seeking a challenge and is one of the few artists in Germany which exist also in revues. He sings, dances, moderated, and parodied, and all at the same time he goes every year on tour, on cruise and is socially and moderately high committed charity.

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