Foam In The Russian Market

In this article we'll discuss the variety and quality of foam in the Russian market. Foam produced by the following method: foam filled in some form in the form of blocks, or any of various forms. Correct to speak polyurethane (PUR), since foam – a trade name. In Russia (USSR), manufacturer of polyurethane foam has begun since 1960. There are 2 main methods for production of flexible polyurethane foam is a continuous and periodic. Currently, the production of foam rubber in Russia is about 70 tons per year. Foam density 25 kg/m3 and below is about ninety percent of the total volume produced block of foam. Such foam professionals worldwide attributed to the category of packaging, rather than furniture type.

Only some brands of foam with a density of 25 kg/m3 and below are used in the manufacture of children's furniture and backs of upholstered furniture. We must remember that when packing for the transport of almost all of produced foam decreases by 5 times. And after losing heavily in the promotion of quality. For example, high-quality polyurethane foam after the promotion has stiffness 3.2 kPa, instead of 4 kPa and the poor quality – less than an order of magnitude. Loss in stiffness after the compression is strongly decrease with increasing density of the foam. However, to produce 'heavy' foam is much more complicated than the 'easy'. Thus, a paradoxical situation.

Firms that manufacture polyurethane foam, it is advantageous to produce lightweight foam, and furniture manufacturers to make of it cheap, but the 'disposable' products. At this moment in Russia, most companies have limited ability to produce different grades of foam rubber: the number of polyol flow does not exceed 3, the number of additional chemical components of not more than ten. This undoubtedly affects the range of Russian foam. Only when the company following conditions can be achieved consistently high quality foam: 1. Treatment of foam should be carried out at the plant, equipped with hi-tech modern equipment, 2. Using raw materials for production of high quality. 3. The company must be provided with highly qualified staff, capable of using all the potential of the equipment. 4. High quality manufactured products in the enterprise must be maintained certified quality management system. Unfortunately, few Russian producers can boast of having the company set all of the above criteria. It is therefore necessary carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a company before starting cooperation.



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