Executive Search

The advantage of this method is 100% guaranteed Closing. Technology Executive Search has arisen in the U.S. in the middle of xx century. Later It has spread to Europe, and later appeared in Russia. This method was created during the emergence and flourishing of major corporations vying for market leadership.

Over time, increasing the role of information and human factor resulted in a need to bring in key positions of companies highly skilled employees, enabling the company to go to a higher level. Today, Executive search is widely used around the world. In Russia in recent years this method of exclusive gradually become the standard. High performance is ensured by the method of executive search due to the complex preparations that are primarily include the study of the real possibilities of the company to justify the need to attract staff. In other words, the customer must be a good understanding of search target, the reasons for which the candidate must take it proposal and determine for themselves the possible concessions that he is ready to go to get a valuable employee. To this end, the agency conducts executive search with the customer prior consultation. Also provides executive search drawing a clear description of the proposed post with a precise definition of the fee the future employee. This is necessary since the same position in different companies can vary dramatically in a circle responsibilities. The preparatory phase also includes preparation of a psychological portrait of the head of the company. This will help pick the top manager with the appropriate psycho and provide greater understanding between key figures of the company.



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