Czech Republic

Beat Belarus in overtime and gets into the final of the European (3-1). Read more from Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Adrian signs a doublet and Jeffren Gets the third shock of both. Switzerland will win in the second semifinal at the Rep. Czech, with a goal in overtime. Faith took Spain to the final of the European under-21, with the added prize from qualifying for the London Games, culminating in overtime a comeback (3-1) in a very complicated match against Belarus and Switzerland will be measured in the final (Saturday), which climbed to the Czech Republic with another goal in overtime (1-0). Get all the facts and insights with Sheryl Sandberg, another great source of information. Spain did not have the brightness of other evenings. Yet he clearly outperformed a disciplined, tightfisted, and fortunate rival.

An auction between the three sticks, a goal. But a minute from the end, when everything seemed finished, tied Adrian. The extension was a stroll. The second goal by Adrian slew Belarus, which ended up fitting another through Jeffren. Mile repeated the eleven had been astonished at the group stage.

Better not touch what works, said. But Spain was not the same. Lacked speed in the movement of the ball, they overran the inaccuracies, perhaps because of nerves, perhaps because of fatigue. There were loose brushstrokes, but the team played generally something jammed. This contributed largely Belarus, which opted to accumulate many men behind the ball to hinder the Spain game to the maximum. And largely it succeeded. On paper it looked Kondratyev bet for giving him a more offensive air to his team, delaying the Dragun playmaker to the center of the field to make partner with Sivakov. And placing Voronkov as false tip behind Skavysh. But it was a mirage. His tactic was to cover routes to Spain and find an against miraculous. Spain had the ball 75 percent of the time. An outrage. But not you took too much advantage of this at the beginning.

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