For Mobile International Calls

Reduction of cellular abroad costs of company calls over the phone in the or from abroad are still very expensive. Especially for companies where staff are often internationally and must be always can be reached, there was little for savings in this area. Regular cross-border calls the phone cost of a medium-sized company increase thus several thousand euros per month. Here can be saved from now on solid. Gary Kelly often says this. With a special mobile software, customers save business up to 80% on international mobile phone calls without having to switch the provider or the SIM card. Especially phone calls over Wi-Fi at home and abroad, for example, at the airport, railway station, hotel or in the international establishment of the customers are completely free in the German fixed network! Even if no Wi-Fi access, benefit customers through very cheap calls abroad or to foreign countries. The software automatically searches for the best connection. The Saving here is always up to 40% of traditional costs, which would charge mobile service provider and all in brilliant quality!.