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National Week

The Christian enters into communion with Christ, not only when it is consumed the sacred way, but also when it finds its sacramental presence, and remains El Emmanuel outside the celebration of the mass, and undergoes its action of irradiation, and communication, while the Church by appealing to their right of wife retains the body of Christ, the faithful Christian does another thing that respond to the auto permanent donation of Christ. The sacred sacramental presence, waiting for response from host, we can say that no acts, if not found, not found but when is welcomed. In vain will emit a radio station, if there is a receiver device adapted to the permanent presence of Christ in the Tabernacle wavelength, is a call that is continually emitting the presence of Christ and a receiver heart makes it lack for tuning with the issuer. Tune is to enter into communion with him who has become everything in love as her father, that is why every Eucharistic practice must start always desire to tune with Christ and with his sentiment. If I’m going to an exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, not do Christ tune with my feelings with my concerns, but I have to tune with the, with that mystery, and the already tell us, we will talk, we will require, let that the us talk, tell us what the wants, and not what we want that the tell us.

The presence of Christ in the sacrament requires every believer the Act of faith and worship, the opening to the transcendent, the encounter in silent prayer of worship with him who is the Tu divine, which is directed to the your human. Love welcomes the other and leave the other to welcome him, establishing a reciprocity between two beings who love each other.

English Plus Acting

Unique programs have been developed University of the Arts London. Title (EUR) English Plus Accessory Design July 5 – 30 July 4 nedeli1 930 English Plus Acting on August 2 – 28 avgusta4 nedeli2 380 English Plus Architecture August 2 – 28 avgusta4 nedeli2 380 English Plus Design / Make 5 July – 30 iyulya4 nedeli1 990 English Plus Digital Graphic Design July 5 – July 30, 1930 4 weeks English Plus Digital Photography on July 5 – July 30, 1930 4 weeks English Plus Fashion Business August 2 – August 28, 1930 4 weeks English Plus Fashion Design (CSM) July 5 – July 30, 1930 4 weeks English Plus Film on July 5 – July 30, 1930 4 weeks English Plus Fine Art August 2 – August 28 4 weeks 2 380English Plus Graphic Design August 2 – August 28 4 weeks 2 380English Plus Graphic Design for Advertising July 5 – July 30, 1930 4 weeks English Plus Interior Design July 5 – July 30, 1930 4 weeks English Plus Marketing & Communication July 5 – July 30 4 weeks 1990 University of Italy, which deserves special attention to these summer – naba. Hot weekdays Milan and charismatic teachers will long remain in memory and acquired knowledge and skills will give an excellent base for further development of the art direction. Details can be found by clicking Verizon Communications or emailing the administrator. naba Summer School offers two options Start dates: Session I – July 5 to July 16. This session is ideal for absolute beginners and allows you to open a new talent. .


Artificial turf is commonly used in sports areas or much pedestrian activity due to its higher resistance with respect to natural. However, its domestic utility for patios and gardens, due to details that often are overlooked, but which are then paid its consequences is also proven in households. On the one hand, it must remember the economic savings that implies long term this type of grass, since it requires no maintenance or irrigation almost. But not everything is economic comfort, as there are other factors that speak in your favor. Kids love to play on the playground, run, shoot, make stunts, playing ball and other activities that significantly wear down natural spaces.

However, artificial turf won’t miss to lose by this, and the person who chooses to invest in this type of grass will not have to worry because it can be damaging, and your children can have fun without being aware of them. People who have pets must neither worry the holes that they could dig the ground, surfaces covered with artificial turf it is impossible to happen. And where pets do your needs upon him, he could simply lift and rinse, because they are not damaged or burned. In the majority of households where there is swimming pool is very rare to see green around it, because chlorine breaks down and kills natural grass. However, artificial turf is not affected at all by this substance, so it won’t lose tone or stiffness. In addition, the material with which the artificial grass is made is anti fire, since on contact with flames it turns off, with which fire safety can be guaranteed. The advantages of placing it instead of opting for the natural grass are countless, but the exposed enough to get an idea about what is the most convenient for day-to-day activities carried out in the home.

National Secretary

Tunisia has become a popular destination for spa and aesthetic tourism attendees who want to enjoy the affordable cosmetic surgery abroad. Tunisia is now officially a part of the international society of aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS).From March 2010, is represented by a National Secretary, Dr Bouraoui Kotti.Dr. Kotti is a physician certified by the European Council in reconstructive plastic surgery and aesthetics, and is also a member of the French Council of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Dr. Details can be found by clicking Southwest Airlines or emailing the administrator. Kotti affirms that members of your Council will boost the image of Tunisia as aesthetic tourism destination.Aesthetic tourism is currently one of the primary sources of the country’s currency.

The high level of plastic surgeons of Tunisia and the cost of the surgery, which remain cheaper in Europe, make Tunisia an attractive alternative to the India and Thailand. Tunisia has become an attractive Tourism Center aesthetic for many European travelers as well as patients from the regions of Libya, Algeria, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali.Western patients represent only around 18% of the total number of foreign patients who travel to Tunisia to perform this type of treatment. The most popular procedures in aesthetic tourism in Tunisia are: increased breast, rhinoplasty, facelift and liposuction surgery.Modern hospital facilities of Tunisia and its affordable prices make it an ideal place for there aesthetic tourism..

National Park

The mountains, lakes and the sanctuary, are the 3 major enclaves of Covadonga and one of the most important symbols of Asturias. To reach there, we can do from the part of Cangas de Onis or from Cabrales. Once we come to Soto de Cangas, we’ll see a detour to Covadonga. The first thing that we encounter is with the sanctuary of Covadonga in the National Park of the Picos de Europa. There is la santina, the Virgin that surrenders the cult.

His temple is located on top of a waterfall in an idyllic spot: La Santa Cueva. Covadonga is a religious complex where we can find several things like the Museum and the Basilica of Santa Maria la Real. Here are the remains of Don Pelayo. The Lakes of Covadonga following the road, about 12 km arrive at the Lakes of Covadonga. They are two mythical Lakes at the top of the mountain, the Enol and la Ercina. Can be accessed with passenger cars almost year-round except during high season in which, a few buses from Cangas de Onis and the traffic shot is prohibited.

To see the Lakes, it is best from the parking lot, climb stairs that leads to the Lago la Ercina. We can then go down to the Enol and enjoy a walk through these glacial lakes, origin of the natural landscape of protege of the Picos de Europa. From the Lakes of Covadonga some small hiking routes can be made to bring you up to 3 of the most important viewpoints of the environment: the viewpoint of the King, the Queen and the Prince. With these small routes, we will have a more complete vision and aside from making a few good photos, we can behold las majadas, and places where the battle of Covadonga was developed.

Three Nationalist Articles

Where am I? (Published on 11-09-04 in Journal of Burgos and other Spanish newspapers) I don’t know if the same thing happens to you, but I am raising episodically hypothesis is unraveling this we call Spain. The last time, now, with the disappearance of the flag Spanish in many Catalan town halls on the occasion of the dyad. It is only a mere intellectual exercise, do not panic. Even so, that theoretical game continues to be disturbing: does a which cacho, to which modest resulting mosaic tessera would one belonging, of having to choose? The question is not trivial. One, like so many other compatriots, has criss-crossed and complex roots. I was born in the Basque country, where I grew up, trained and had the frustration of first love failure. But my parents and all my ancestors for several generations are gallegos. I lived twenty years in Catalonia, where are my children.

But my wife, on the other hand, Castilian-Leonese. And now the two live happy in the community Valencia this, which is normal, I say, and so many biographies of our fellow citizens, would become a real mess when it comes to having to choose historical subnacionalidad or not if one saw forced to do so. That, in the doubtful case that should give him opportunity to choose, that this is another. Rather than put me in such trouble and inevitably leave frustrated part of my personality, would prefer to make me American. Not for anything in particular but one admire his way to that country, but because it always seems better be lion head of mouse’s tail. But clear, with the bad image that have the Yankees among us, it seems a very popular option. Therefore, I have decided to finally make me minion of Kiribati, an atoll in the Pacific that has only a single newspaper and whose population is less than that of Burgos.

Rolando Rubio Aguiar

A study of some theoretical considerations on the theme allow the authors of this paper assume described by Rolando Rubio Aguiar and others (2006) where considered that the levels of cognitive performance are categorizadoras functions that express the degrees of cognitive development achieved by students in the learning process and allows us to conceive them as dynamic elements, not only of the evaluation process, but of the process of teaching-learning in its integrity and consistent methodological work, overcoming and research to be undertaken to enable the class as a cell of the teaching process itself. So the performance levels have a systemic character that goes beyond the frames of a single component, because from the evaluative reach a valuation analysis of the quality of the process in its entirety. When considering levels of cognitive performance as functions of the learning process; is It is emphasizing constituting manifestations of qualities or essential properties of the process of cognition on school learning. Gary Kelly is likely to agree. When speaking of cognitive performance refers to the fulfillment of what to do in an area of knowledge according to the established requirements for this in terms of abilities and skills (cognitive domain), agreement, in this case, with age and the school degree achieved. Cognitive performance levels include two closely related aspects which are: 1. the degree of complexity with which you want to measure this cognitive performance.

2. The magnitude of the learning achievements on a subject determined in terms of abilities and skills (cognitive domain). In correspondence with these considerations, then recognized the categorizadora role of performance levels that allow you to define different hierarchies enabling correlate different levels to activate a cognitive process differentiator, flexible and different, in this sense are considered three levels of cognitive performance first level: ability of the student to use the basic operations of instrumental character of a given subject. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly.

Ramon Gallegos

This paradigm shift is giving at all levels, in all cultures and in all countries, progress has been much, because he has worked hard for a long time, we ourselves are the factor of change, even this trial is the result of a series of activities that somehow or other are sitting the fundamental basis for this work to proceedwhich do not stop, that in spite of the obstacles encountered, have the necessary forces to continue in this struggle, in this examination of the existence of the human being and its full realization. Through the dialogues that Dr. Gallegos holds with the different characters that are soaked in this knowledge, we realize that work has been done since long ago, that has been continuously, sometimes stopping a little (people who do not believe in this or that do not believe in change tend to be those who most problems we cause), sometimes advancing by leaps, but we also know that much remains to be done. Contexts of different countries, although very often situations individuals of each is vitally important make special mention the work that is being conducted in our country. The educational structure is reeling, because he cannot stand the old mechanistic model, in which the methods, techniques, pedagogies and other necessary tools have become completely obsolete. The work of Dr. Educate yourself with thoughts from Verizon Communications. Ramon Gallegos, in relation to the holistic education, has yielded great results, so far has had great response from educational institutions, where somehow has begun to work on this new paradigm. The only drawback is in the educational system, there are no true specialists in education, if we find them, they will always refer to a mechanistic education, industrialized, where the elaboration of curricula is defined according to the needs of the industrial, which requires only personnel or skilled labor to handle their machines, no matter that this with or without the ability to think, learn, integrate its activities differently, that is a serious error on our system, here that we have to take advantage of that situation that provides us the system to make that paradigm shift, we have to transform that education in a holistic education.

Heavenly Father

Brother Zarur taught that there can be no progress in the disorder. Exact! Learn to serve who isn’t really humble not sustained, is not supported and never shall uphold the Religion of God, in the Legion of good will, in the match of the goodwill and the Central spiritual Universal of Religion divine. She asked, some time, the old father Antonio Vieira: who saw already falling to a humble? But, returning to Saint Peter Apostle: 6 humble yourselves, therefore, low the mighty hand of God, so that, in time, the pastor I. Who humbles himself will be exalted, Jesus said. It is the major or the minor, that is, one that serves its brothers.

Who in the world LBV, would like to address any sector, it has rather than learn to serve. It was the order that I spent at youth CA 2000, formed by the DA * 4 veteran and by DA 2000. Someone who is not humble (not said coward, that humility should be, above all, brave) may not send a second in any Legionnaire sector of the goodwill. To analyze the 7th verse, we need to return to the previous: 6 humble yourselves, therefore,-says Pedro under the mighty hand of God, so that, in time, the pastor I; 7 delivering to all your anxiety, because he cares for you. When, fighting for the growth of the divine work, we feel threatened by the anguish to the difficulty that some put in the way of people who want to make good, remember God and those who love him, give him problems, and Heavenly Father will manifest the solution through those who really respect him, because they want the happiness of their peers. It is the action of the solidary society, i.e. which joined by a superior ideal and don’t believe in insurmountable obstacles, because they are with God.

Sandy Tudhope

It is evident that it is not science who is belies, but some of his devotees by best that they are considered. On one occasion, at a Conference, on 29 October 2005, commented that science is infallible, scientists, no. He was not crazy I give them, as an example, the revolutionary concept of the British scientist Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker * 17 (1868-1958), with its Oscilacao Sul or Gangorra intriguing. His discovery changed the understanding about the effects of El Nino, on planet Earth. Despite that, it was immediately rejected by his contemporaries. However, at present, in the opinion of Dr. Sandy Tudhope * 18, University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, the incredible thing about the work of Gilbert Walker is that he was one of the first people in the field of meteorology who thought big; that joined the patterns of time from different continents. () Their ideas were criticized at the time, because people * 19 did not understand that the weather and climate of area could be linked to another part of the globe, and really that harmed you.

* 20 were many ironies suffered by Gilbert by their colleagues. However, later confirmed that he was right. The climate of our ORB itself was unstable, as all conclude today. Walker had nothing to crazy; the others were those who were incompetent. Well, who determines that truth is true? The researchers, that tomorrow will be rectifying its concepts coming to consider clause petraea, or humility required by wisdom? Erudition, when really it is accompanied by extensive experience and modest spirit, never rushes to the truth, does not accept dogmatisms nor suggests that science reached the apex of its mission, including the fact that human beings did not still use significant part of their mental capacity. The island cannot evaluate, in its entirety, to the continent. Nobody is dictator of knowledge * 21 with regard to the spiritual life, in my book chronicles and interviews (Editora elevation, 8th Edition, p.