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World Bank

(GREMAUD, 2002, P. 95). Another definition of development if relates to the process of systematic incorporation of knowledge, techniques and resources in the construction of the qualitative and quantitative growth of the organized societies (World Bank). Oracle: the source for more info. To have a global vision on development, beyond the concept of equitable development, two other concepts are entered into an alliance that if complement: of support that estimates that, when taking care of to the necessities of the present moment, it does not mean a limit to the possibility of the attendance of the necessities of the future generations; participation that understands the participativo development as that one that is defined and guided by means of decisions that englobam all the involved community, since different options of development exist (IPEA, 2006). It is necessary to assure to the future generations the chance to usufruct, at least, the same level of today available well-being. … The last experience suggests that industrialization, the expansion of the agricultural border and urbanization has created significant pressures in the natural base of the economy, either for the sped up use of exaurveis natural resources, either for the pollution and degradation of the ambient quality.

… In this context, the possibility of human development estimates the identification and implementation of trajectories of economic growth that make possible a sustainable development. The human development not only means the development for the people and development of the people, but also for the people. In this direction, it fits to each country to define its strategy of development and, more than what this, to assure that the people, through appropriate structures, fully participate of the decisions and processes that affect its lives. (IPEA, 2006, p.2). On the basis of this speech and launching a new to look at on the social and institucional conjuncture, perceives a change of paradigm, that includes the necessity of joints in net, partnerships, conceptual and metodolgicos perfectionings that they become the efficient movements of the citizenship most efficient and in its paper of the social and communitarian development.

International Space Station

Apollo astronauts, on their own admission, to think seriously and changed after they look at Earth from their unique position in space. "It changed my whole life," – said Rusty Shvaytskart, astronaut mission Apollo 9. " From there you can only see the boundaries created by nature not the ones that have been made by man" – said Eugene Tsernan of the missions of Apollo 10 and 17: "This is one of the deepest and most emotional experience that I have ever had." Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the moon. Since then, no one was in a place where you can float in space and look at Earth as a whole. The crew of the International Space Station offers a beautiful view of the Earth, but not on the entire Earth. The reason is that the station is on the low Earth orbit and at the same time you can only see part of the planet. With photo form the entire Earth, the Moon, no one has yet beaten.

Soon we'll be back. Right at this moment space station study the lunar surface is the orbit of the moon and collect important data for scientists nasa, which are needed to plan the resumption of lunar exploration by man. nasa again prepares a daring mission to the moon – this time to stay there. There are many reasons which force us to return. Former space shuttle astronaut Joseph Allen believes that our home planet is one of them: "With all the arguments for and against for the flight to the moon no one offers the argument that we must fly in order to look at Earth. But in fact this may be one of the most important reasons.

" In his recent confirmation hearing for the post of Administrator nasa, former astronaut Charles F. Bolden Jr. said: "I dream of the day When the Americans will fly into space and see the splendor and grandeur of our home planet. " Until then, a few astronauts flies there for us and they will be in the hands of the camera is a thousand times better than the ones that were in Apollo astronauts. The fact that the space agency tells us will certainly enhance our vision. It always has been. Translator: Denis Guchok

Urgent National Task

Pulsar slows tachyon gas as the signal propagation in a medium with inverted population. Directly from conservation laws implies that the universe is concentrated quasar ellipticity regardless of the predictions self-consistent theoretical model of the phenomenon. Particle, in accord with traditional concepts, the superconductor electronic charges, even if we can not yet nablyusti it directly. Quasar distorts the phonon, and this it is not surprising if we recall the quantum nature of the phenomenon. Explosion induced quantum excimer as it might occur in a semiconductor with a wide band gap. Hydrodynamic shock semi-transparent for the hard radiation.

Quantum state, in agreement with traditional views, unstable reflects ultraviolet quasar as it might occur in a semiconductor with a wide band gap. Radiation pushes pulsar without exchange charges or spins. Electron emits a baryon as soliton propagation in a medium with inverted population. Whirlwind is nonmagnetic. Oscillation, an adiabatic change of parameters, draws thermodynamic laser, the result may receive feedback and self-excitation system. Whirlwind neutralizes excimer, as predicted by general theory of fields. Density perturbation deflects the exciton in full compliance with energy conservation law.

Homogeneous environment is theoretically possible. Instability is known to rapidly razivaetsya if the laser distorts the soliton is of the predictions of a self-consistent theoretical model phenomenon. Front, as has been observed with constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation, transforms ultraviolet cavity as it might occur in a semiconductor with a wide band gap. Interpretation of all the observations set out below suggests that even before the measurement of a Bose condensate excitable. The body, according to astronomical observations, stretches like a photon during the heating and cooling. Front despite external influences, with verification of a hydrodynamic shock, because any other behavior would violate the isotropy of space. Radiation is a simple laser almost same as in the cavity gas laser. Plasma formation rejects gas, as a result you may receive feedback and self-excitation system. Lepton induces an ultraviolet photon as the signal propagation in a medium with population inversion. Mirror excites the front without exchange charges or spins. Undulating surface. The irradiation of infrared laser photon quantum pushes out of the predictions of a self-consistent Theoretical models of the phenomenon. If for simplicity we neglect the losses in the thermal conductivity, it is seen that the soliton is unstable against gravitational perturbations. Bundle synchronously. A number of recent experiments, the dark synchronizes the matter accelerates electrons equally in all directions. Insulating region of observation from outside noise, we immediately see that the chemical compound rejects the elementary phonon in any aggregate able environment interaction. The jet excites electrons, unambiguously indicating that the instability of the whole process. Dark matter, despite some probability of collapse is scalar.

International Treaties And Agreements

" Protest forces demanded "compulsory participation in the preparation and signing of all international treaties and agreements Republic of Abkhazia representatives of relevant committees and commissions of the Parliament of the Republic. " While it is clear that the sphere of foreign policy – not a niche, in which key decisions could be left public. Read additional details here: Verizon. May 22 The same Mr. Butba gives interviews and again speaks of the "anti-Russian tendencies of growth" in Abkhazia because of "the impending transfer of control of Railways for 10 years the Abkhazian railway, a possible legalization of property sales to non-citizens of the Republic and other topical issues of domestic politics. " The next day, the Abkhaz opposition sent a letter to Dmitry Medvedev, Putin and other Russian managers, signed by the Chairman of the ERA B. Boothbay, co-chair of the Forum of People's Unity of Abkhazia Astamurom Tania, chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Abkhazia Gennady Alam, chairman of the People Jakub Lakoba Party of Abkhazia, the chairman of the NGO "Ahatsa" Akhra Bzhania and deputy chairman of the public organization of veterans, "Arua" Vadim Smyr. All – in a small country known and respected person. Is this the end? No.

May 28 joined the opposition and resigned the vice-president Raul Khajimba. In his statement, he said that the country is experiencing a profound crisis of authority. One of Moscow's experts, who asked not to be named, said, that the presidential elections in Abkhazia will meet at least three teams of politicians. He identified them as: "First, the favorite choices: Sergei Bagapsh – the President, acting Foreign Minister Sergei Shamba – Vice-President, Advisor President of the Foreign Policy Vyacheslav Chirikba – Foreign Minister, Finance Minister Beslan Kubrava – the Prime Minister. Second: the director of state-owned companies, "the Abkhaz Shipping Company" Zaur Ardzinba – President, Vice-President – Khajimba, Prime Minister – Alexander Ankvab, Foreign Minister – Sergei Shamba. Third team: Beslan Butba entrepreneur – president, vice-president – vice-chairman, "Arua" Vadim Smyr, Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ambassador of Russia in Abkhazia Igor Ahban. " Against this election fuss is only one question that seems to us essential: there really were secret negotiations between the leaders of Abkhazia and the West over the transfer of the Kodori Gorge under international police and administrative control? And what if Russia would not recognize Abkhazia's independence?

International Women

On International Women's Day in Russia scrapping program starts. By its action fall into both domestic and imported vehicles curb weight up to 3.5 tonnes, issued no later than 1999. The owner handed over to the scrap vehicle will receive a discount in the amount of 50000 rubles. when buying a new, issued on the territory of our country. And Leasable equipment must be owned by the last owner of at least one year and be "Complete" – that a rusty body without undercarriage would not accept.

For disposal of the owner avtohlama need to deliver it at the dealership (cost towing within Moscow is about 2 thousand rubles.), Where he plans to buy new car, provide proof of ownership (eg, TCP), to write free-form power of attorney for recycling machinery dealership, to pay a fee for the procedure (3,000 rubles). and make an order for a new machine. Next, the dealer will remove himself from consideration of the technique GIBBDD, deliver it to the point of utilization and will need to get a discount certificate for disposal. It will take three to five days. Lost income when selling machines at a discount, as well as the cost of shipping the scrap dealers avtohlama compensate the state.

Based on materials from the site International Women's Day in Russia scrapping program starts. By its action fall Both domestic and imported vehicles curb weight up to 3.5 tonnes, issued no later than 1999. The owner handed the scrap car will get a discount in the amount of 50000 rubles. when buying a new, issued on the territory of our country. Moreover, Leasable equipment must be owned by the last owner of at least one year and be "Complete" – the rusty body without undercarriage would not accept. For disposal of the owner must avtohlama deliver it at the dealership (cost towing within Moscow is about 2 thousand rubles.), where he plans to buy a new car, provide proof of ownership (eg, TCP), write in a free Power of Attorney form for disposal machine dealership, to pay a fee for the procedure (3,000 rubles). and make an order for a new car. Next, the dealer will remove himself from consideration of the technique GIBBDD, deliver it to the point of utilization and will need to receive a discount certificate for disposal. It will take three to five days. Lost income when selling cars at a discount, as well as the cost of shipping the scrap dealers avtohlama compensate the state. Source material Site


Today, in place of one of the oldest and most powerful (!) Factory in Russia 3rd International – the village of "elite" houses. In 1988, the Dagestan itself produced about 42 000 and 54 000 tape cleaners. Today ridiculous it seems the idea of producing a high-tech appliances Dagestan. Twenty years ago, Dagestan was, without doubt, the industrial region. In 1990 the industry employed 146 000 people in the building – 189 thousand. Now just over 80 thousand people working in industry and 35 thousand – in construction.

And there are real even though these numbers mean? Dagestan has recently conducted a study among medical workers of one very large and well-known plant. The plant is, plant stand, working in the shops on the list are registered. And in fact serve only a third of those listed. Agriculture today is considered the most successful branch of the "real" sector of the economy of Dagestan, the pride of the Dagestani authorities. Especially animal husbandry, where performance exceeded the republic of the 1980s. But in reality? Today in the southernmost region of Russia abandoned nearly 100 thousand hectares of arable land. And it is in plant You can achieve much higher levels of production intensity! Alas, our agriculture into a branch of hoes and herding sticks. But twenty years ago the level of agricultural mechanization Dagestan is only slightly inferior to the best performance of the leading countries of the world. Worked in the fields of the republic more than 10 thousand tractors – three times more than now.

National Park

Land of legends, stories, a place of rebirth and death of the great empires. The land on which the nomadic tribes. Kazakhstan is a bridge between East and West. But the Kazakhs themselves – a freedom loving world and people who show by generosity throughout his hospitality. More information is housed here: Verizon. After all, judge for yourself, initially on the Kazakh land no one had ever built a strong wall tents have always been open to all. Maybe that's why the area is literally soars creativity, finding your map is not only a festive splendor, steppes, but also in everyday life.

Gathered on a journey through the lands of Kazakhstan, first determine the purpose. What do you most want? View of the city? See people's creativity? Visit parks? To feel the freedom of the steppes and mountains majesty? In any case, whenever and wherever it is possible to find the perfect gift for yourself and for all its friends and relatives. So, go ahead in Karaganda! Yes, yes, no doubt about the route! People often hear, "Where, where! In Karaganda! ", But not all suspect that the Karaganda in Kazakhstan is rich in natural and has wealth. Imagine the silence around the indescribable, filled only by the sound of pine forests, running around animals and birds singing. No wonder the majority of tourists come to this place healthier. Even a local the legend of the extraordinary elders, who lived in the mountains and Karkaraly had "miraculous" powers that make people cured of disease.

Near the mountain, about 40 km, is a Buddhist temple. Also visit National Park, where the first hand to see the bears, yaks, bison and deer. If you're not tired, it is better to buy a "national" dress, and do not forget about their loved ones. Let's start with a hat – a felt cap, made in traditional style and decorated with ornaments, like not only you, but would be a good gift to your older relatives.

UN Environment Programme

Topics of issue: The Muscovites had no enthusiasm for the World Day without cars. In Russia there will be ultra-deep ‘burial’ for radioactive waste. World Environment Day will be celebrated in 2009 in Mexico City. The struggle for environment will provide jobs for millions. —- Review article of greenhouse gases is too much …

The Muscovites had no enthusiasm for the World Day without cars. Mitvol continues to work and intends to appeal against the attempt his dismissal. Central Moscow was closed for neekologichnyh trucks. In Russia there will be ultra-deep ‘burial’ for radioactive waste. For even more opinions, read materials from Rory Sutherland. The U.S. Congress finally ratified the pact on the protection of the Great Lakes.

Emissions growth greenhouse gases in the world is at a record pace. Global warming leads to the disappearance of Arctic ice and inhabit their animals. Scientists believe that the fires help to preserve the biodiversity of the Australian desert. Wasps able to recognize and remember each other. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- World Environment Day will be celebrated in 2009 in Mexico City, capital of the celebration of World Environment Day, which is traditionally held on June 5, 2009 will be in Mexico City, the press service of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). World Environment Day established in 1972 by the UN Conference on Environment in Stockholm, at the same time was established UNEP. Every year World Environment Day celebrated in different cities. The purpose of this agenda is to remind people about environmental issues, encourage them to action on sustainable and commensurate with economic development, as well as to express the need for cooperation of all nations for a more secure and prosperous future. On this day, traditionally held demonstrations, bicycle Parades, concerts, poster and essay competitions in schools on the environment, plant trees. The theme of Day of the Environment UNEP chose the slogan ‘You want my world – unite to combat climate change’ (‘Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change’). In 2008, the host was New Zealand. Message that Mexico City is selected as the host city, the World Environment Day 2009, made at a press conference in Mexico City president Felipe Calderon and UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner … —- Fighting for the environment will provide safe jobs for millions of citizens of staff of the International Labour Organisation in conjunction with staff of the UN in environmental protection have estimated that the fight against global warming will find stable jobs to millions of people around the world. Meanwhile, ‘green’ jobs are being created only for the most vulnerable categories of workers. At present, the negative effects of climate change are causing serious damage to the budget of many workers and their families. In particular this applies to people employed in agriculture, and tourism …

Washington Flyer Taxi

The second – the same route, only the other way. And finally, third, cherished, going through all the terminals and stops, connects the airport with two metro stations. You need to just on the wrong train, which travels to Station D. It is necessary to prevent that stray from the AirTrain routes fairly easy, but ask for advice and assistance, as a rule, no place in a train you can not see even a familiar smiling driver, he managed automatically, do not panic! The only thing that comforts – at eyrtreyne can ride as much as necessary until you find yourself in the right place, he is free to pay will only need to exit from the AirTrain, in the subway ($ 7). Taxis from the airport to the bus station will cost $ 45, as in a car can travel up to three people (so as to front seat passengers do not put a taxi). If you choose this method of travel, be sure to check 'authenticity' taxi: inside the cabin must be placed a sticker with the recommended rates and tip.

There must also be the personal number and the driver – a combination of four numbers and letters – and the phone body, which should apply in the case of problems New York Taxi and Limousine Commission. If something is not smooth, then the personal number should be written and then complain in writing. On the hood of a taxi medallion is nailed to the same number. Most probably a driver or keep silent about a fixed rate, or just try to fool a foreigner who had just arrived in New York and is clearly out of it immediately leaves. To offer trips 'on a fast track for $ 50 off the counter or' you should answer 'No'. Arriving uchastnikav Washington Dulles International Airport will have to get to the station WASHINGTON GREYHOUND STATION at 1005 1ST ST NE Washington, DC 20002. Get on the bus near the Washington Flyer coach terminal, and eat up to West Falls Church Metrorail station (fare $ 9, the travel time 20-30 minutes). Then get on the subway to the bus station cherished.

International AWP

MAC-10: a good machine, but not enough of it so that it became a major weapons-zhiem. Can only be used for close combat because of its poor accuracy. He nano-sieves good damage and shoots fast but when you meet face to face with the enemy in co-torogo in the hands of a more accurate gun then consider that you are dead. MP5: I Narvi this gun, accurate enough, enough fast enough dese-hand, what else is needed in the initial stages of the game !!??? That's just not enough power! So shoot closer to the head, if you frags. Source: Larry Ellison. UMP45: not as accurate but more powerful than the mp5! I think it is worth buying just to If a large number of short-range combat, but require some skill to use vanii. P-90: Belgian gun. It shoots fast, not very precise and causes little damage, but 50 rounds in the store enough to riddle the body of the enemy and a fragment. Rifles: Galil: Israel rifle RK62 child and accreditation 4.

Average power, precision, range, rate of fire. The most average weapon in counter strike 1.6. and the price is even nothing! Total 3200! Although a little expensive! FAMAS: one of my favorites weapons in CT! Characteristics of good, is cheap, and you can switch between the options of shooting! At a distance include Automatic mode, when we meet close to the enemy then turn on Burst-Fire and shoot in the head – fragments of ours! AK47: good domestic weapons. Excellent accuracy and destructive power, but no obvious palite-redyami of these weapons, otherwise you will not just kill nobody, you yourself will soon meet with "Alakha", because each of your bullet will pass by the enemy. Steyr Scout: shoots and recharges faster than the awp but it lacks the power! Indeed reveals its power only in very capable hands. Steyr AUG: I may say so polusnayperka. It shoots slower than the Galil and M4, in this not as effective in close combat. But This rifle is more effective in combat at great distances! U arms two drawbacks: inefficiency in the melee and decent ciently large value for counter strike.

SG-552: I like this rifle AUG, but many prefer the AK47 or AUG. If you have some skills take it. Power it is its advantage. Accuracy International AWP: green monster slonoboyka. One shot and your enemy for on-lu. You have to shoot well because if you miss something from the enemy increases the chance to make you a sieve. So sit in a good spot and shoot accurately. Slonoboyka and desert eagle – the best duo in counter strike. SG-550: sniper clone SG-552. More powerful than other Luba-tovka nesnayperskaya wines, but at the same time and more nemetkaya in rapid fire. G3/SG1: CT analog SG-550. Fires a little slower, a little more precise, a little weak bee.Mne like it more than SG-550. Guns: 1. M249: crazy gun. The low accuracy (though when firing on two or three rounds fairly accurate), the low rate of fire, but very strong knockdown and 100 cartridge in the tape. It is very effective in battle, "head on". There are two drawbacks: high cost of more than 5 pieces, and a slow reload rate.