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National Hymn

When I young age, to point out better, between 1965 and 1975, period in which I passed studying in public school, wise person very well the value of the respect to the institutions, to oldest, to the professors, the flag and the national hymn. I studied in an excellent state public school, as the majority of the people of my age. We knew accurately as ahead holding in them of these symbols. Our parents were demanding in everything, in special when he became necessary to fulfill some ritual of respect. Beyond those known words, debtor magical, please and with license, we were taught not to interrupt colloquies of oldest, to behave themselves correctly to the table, not to say palavro, etc. This age the standard of the Brazilian family, independently of the social classroom or degree of study.

In the school, the professor when he entered in classroom, was received in foot for all the pupils, in absolute silence. Coitado of that gracinha made some. He was led for the Direction and it ran the risk of being suspended, I banish or jubilado, this last as maximum penalty for a pupil in course in a public college. When hearing the national hymn, in any place that was, ordered the standard of the time, that you stopped and heard it intently. Then, three decades later, we come across very with a situation different e, lamentably, much worse. The National Hymn was banalizado (different of popularized). It is devaluated and disrespected in almost all the popular events. He is clearly that he is desirable to see it in all the places entoado and for all the social levels and classrooms, but also we would like to see preserved the values that are inlaid in the direction that it in the ones backwards. They are at these singelos moments that the exercise of the patriotism is perceived.

Executive Director

What are the challenges of a sales representative? Fulfill the goals committed to my commercial director maintain performance commercial outstanding, period to period to develop confidence and credibility in all clients to which I see that the promise of sale made to customers is fulfilled by the Organization both actors can have far more interests and challenges, but we can agree that those mentioned are the basic and main. If I am in any of these roles, the first thing I’m going to ask me when they talk about systematization of the processes that I run is and this systems in which helps me to meet the challenges I have in my work? The importance of this question is vital because when one does not see the benefit that generates a change in their challenges and goals, it does not adopt, by the contrary tries to reject it. More when this involves effort and time, with the risk of seeing with concern this systems.Very well, but what can think of all this the management of the company? It obviously also has interests in the topic and you know perfectly well that a process of change and improves, it involves investments. Their main metrics are related to financial results and it is as simple as: increase of revenue, reducing costs of operation and better competitive position. It may sound very simplistic, but in the end this is what managers expect. There may be many paths to get to the results, but believe me this is what will finally be measured.There are more groups of interest in these additional business processes to the Director of sales, the seller, the Executive Director or Manager. If indeed is sales Administration Department, the area of logistics, finance, etc. All also have their interests in the topic. But we are forgetting a key interest in the subject, the customers group…

Stretch Ceiling

Have you studied economics in college? No? Then a small excursion into the laws of this discipline we will do in this short article, citing the cost of suspended ceilings. Price ceilings on the sum of several components: the manufacturers. How often do we part of the price we pay for goods is not quite as well for the brand or name, whether ceilings or something else. In addition, of course, quality ceiling eminent manufacturers of very high costs and sometimes pay a premium than to incur additional costs to repair or replace the ceiling. Foreign manufacturers of suspended ceilings from France, Sweden and Germany, traditionally considered the leaders in this industry, in addition to providing the highest quality ceiling coverings are investing in the price and even shipping and customs charges – where do without them.

Technology of production of stretch ceiling. The latest production technology, appearing in the west, mnogozatratny and raise the price of the modern suspended ceilings, but at the same time increasing the quality of both fabric and fasteners. Warranty period suspended ceilings in connection with the modernization of production also increases with each passing year. Mount technology. Stretch ceilings are installed in several ways – harpoon, bezgarpunnym, cam, shtapikovym. Here, the most expensive, yet high-quality harpoon is a method of attachment. At this savings is not worth it, because, for example, bezgarpunny method does not allow repair or partial removal of the ceiling, if you suddenly flooded the neighborhood.

The method of cutting. There two types of suspended ceilings and seamless suture. Seamless ceilings are much more expensive because they are made from different materials – are different both in appearance and quality. And, most importantly, decide whether you want to have a ceiling a joint or not. The construction of a stretch ceiling. You can choose a multi-level suspended ceiling or any non-standard geometric shapes – it will be very stylish and beautiful, but at the same time is not quite cheap. Texture and texture of stretch ceilings. Here we come to the fun, and that excites you and me as consumers. Price on ceilings, of course, depends on what texture you choose. If you are completely satisfied with matt white ceiling, it will be much cheaper than the ceiling under the suede, leather or wood. Installation of fixtures. The light in the ceilings will look very elegant. He will emphasize the dignity of the interior or hidden defects. But what more lamps mounted on the ceiling, the more it will cost you. And finally – this is the color. Stretch ceilings are able to not only be of any shade, but also from any photograph or drawing. Of course, for photo printing Stretch ceilings fun is not cheap, but here you get a ceiling with a photograph of the woman or at least your favorite car, with endless meadow or sunset. A seamless ceilings can cause any more artistic painting.

Chinese Government

Madrid, 05/11/09. International trade has an iron health. There is no more to read data in the sector of quality Control in Asia in the past three months and who just publish AsiInspection, the company dedicated to quality Control and inspection and audit services since 1997 (, in the pulse quarterly taking in this sector, to give this story. . So the conclusion of the Asia InInpection study based on 9,000 inspections carried out during the 3rd quarter of 2009 and that suppose one 32% increase over that in the same period in 2008, the Chinese Government, in an effort to stimulate the economy, increased tax refund on certain exports. The results were positive; books and office supplies grew 24%, toys by 32%, footwear and fashion accessories textile 63% and 58%. Educate yourself with thoughts from Allegiant Air. In January 2009, the EU removed a tariff barrier that forced companies to buy a percentage of its imports in the textile sector within the eurozone. This combination along with the tax advantages in China enabled this important growth in textile exports, explains Alex Makow, Country Manager for Spain and Portugal. In addition the barometer of Asia Inspection also reveals that the growth of factory audits reached 53%.

Something that once again noted the importance that has for consumers acquire higher quality products. Companies dealing with foreign countries, in particular China, are shown increasingly more concerned about protecting their brand, after a series of scandals related to its products, adds Makow. Other no less interesting notes and highlights from this latest statistical from Asia Inpection are: the Chinese Government has invested more than 7 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2009 to increase surveillance on the food and pharmaceutical sectors with the intention of providing greater consumer safety. In recent years, the Chinese suppliers have suffered numerous scandals putting at risk its clients. This is a clear attempt to offer greater protection and improve the ailing reputation of Chinese exporters.

International Day Of Women

The revolt of them, in fact has direction, if to stop to think right, perceives that the world always was governed by the perseverance and creativity of the man, becoming improper the proper one to be, full of wars, destruction, greed, envies and disrespect. To the absence of the woman in the beginning of the organization politics of the world, with certainty it caused the foolishness of the Governing ‘ ‘ poderosos’ ‘ , with muscles, weapons and sufficient ignorance. Happily, before late duke never, in full century XXI, the world participates of a progressive revolt, that says respect to the reinvidicao of rights suppressed throughout the time for the men, ahead of this picture would not be sensible to believe the capacity of the women? clearly that yes. For more information see Oracle. In view of that, this movement is impregnated in all social class, and great part of the dominant ones, is felt in the obligation to repair the actual damage to the females, therefore, it will not be difficult to believe that, in little time the women will dominate the humanity. Good, another fact that I had to be led in consideration is the question of well-being of the humanity. As everybody knows, the woman in its essence has dom of the tolerance, simplicity, the wisdom and looks for to explore and to place in practises all potential, this and other qualities that exist in the nature of the females, costumavam to be treated by the males as ‘ ‘ thing of mulher’ ‘ the consequencias veem tona, as already told. For: Marcelo Pear tree Da Silva.

Roman Empire

In the vision of Le Goff, although all the advance made in the scientific study of history since century XIX, the Average Age is portraied with certain folklore, a time of chaos and darknesses, without the sprouting of nations as we know today, that the European man lived in its blackness and that chronological this period if initiated with the destruction of the Roman Empire and the classic world. The paper that the didactic book exerts in the basic school, over all in the education of history, ratifies the importance of a critical analysis concerning the same in Brazil and other countries. We must stand out the importance of the not less important didactic text in the education of history and its support, to demystify the labels created around the Average Age since the Renaissance. Unhappyly, had our reality in relation to the education professionals, who are tied to a high horria load, the construction of didactic texts if becomes each scarcer time in the schools, what it strengthens the necessity of use of a book-text. Go to Allegiant Air for more information. The quality of this book is tied with a conscientious choice of the professors and must be preceded of a multicriteria examination on the chosen workmanship. Invariably, had to a deficit pedagogical structure, the book-text finishes being the only available didactic resource used by the professors. The school in turn, for many times loses to the politics of most easy, in the measure that rejects any form of confrontation with the content preset, preventing the conclusions pautadas in academic works that, usually, the veracity of very eliminates of what still if it teaches in the schools, being thus, the didactic text shows to an indispensable resource in the accomplishment of links between the practical pertaining to school and the historical research. Of this context, a debate is initiated on the influence that the didactic book has produced on the Average Age, contributing to become common sense diverse labels on this period of history.

International Congress

Rubem Alves intui that a school pautada in the objective to produce each time more adequate the economic interests, ‘ ‘ it is not enough to give to a direction to the life humana’ ‘. (ALVES, 1994, p.22). The author arrives at this conclusion analyzing the indices of suicides of young and children in Japan, one of most significant of the world. ‘ ‘ The misery of the school if finds necessarily there where they are classified as excelente’ ‘. Cloud computing may find this interesting as well. (they idem, p.23). Consideraes final: rethink the education of Geography and History It is in this shady picture that if today draws the situation of the education of Geography and History in many schools. From there the necessity to debate the paper of these sciences inside of the pertaining to school resume and mainly its importance in the life of the students.

We understand that sciences human beings, or social sciences as points Castrogiovanni (2003), have one trunfo important in the direction of being able to offer one integrated education of more human character with the life.

National Identity

Citizens who do not represent one ideological politics of being able, citizens that finally they would be, to a well positivista way, pairando on a society and analyzing it with the wisdom and the longed for imparcialidade of the rationals that guarantee its position of only intellectual; a species of social enrollment without being engaged in fact. The majority of these intellectuals in this period, was ' cria' of the elite, the oligarchical elite in decay, but the elite. She had enters the decades of 1920 the 1940, a necessity that these intellectuals were ready to carry through, to formulate, a history on the national identity, in this manner, these intellectuals, ' ' acima' ' of any suspicion, they would be the carriers of this identity. It is standed out that for so important fact, it did not have for the intellectuals and if had happened very of secondary form, the reference of a totalizante society, that is, observed inside of its cultural, social aspect, economic politician and. ' ' In diverse ways, successive generations of Brazilian intellectuals had invoked ' reality nacional'. He is entirely secondary that this if related to the culture or the economic development, the unconscious one of the people or the conscience of elites' ' (p.26). The superficiality is us evident the reference of the performance of these intellectuals who proclaimed its ' ' conhecimento' ' of the laws that conduct history and its insertion in this history. In this aspect, the Brazilian intellectuals meet in the same situation that the politicians: they participate of a reality whose secrets they themselves withhold. still, these intellectuals arrogated themselves of an ability to assume responsibilities for the social dimensions more and politics of the phenomenon politician: through the ideology. In period 1920/1940 the national State was gradual assuming for itself the task to create a National Identity, the authoritarian authors who the author quotation wanted m to reorganize the effective power without fracionar it, but to center it.

National Curricular Parameters

The problems that exist on the practical one of these professionals are diverse, of order of identification and confusion on the concepts and contents to be lecionados. In the last few decades diverse workmanships of National Curricular Parameters (PCNs) had been produced to review the abilities and abilities of the geography education. In accordance with the PCNs of geography of Basic Ensino I, one analyzes done for the Foundation Carlos Chagas, observed that the problems for the geography education are diverse, enters they: ' ' abandonment of basic contents of Geography, such as the categories of nation, territory, place, landscape and even though of geographic space, as well as of the study of the physical and biological elements that if find gifts there (CURRICULAR PARAMETERS NATIONAL OF GEOGRAPHY, 2000) ' '. Thus, it deduces that the professional is not qualified has disciplines to lecionar it of geography, for not having theoretical knowledge on the categories of geographic analysis. They are common modismos that they search to sensetize the thematic pupils for more current, without a real concern to promote an understanding of the multiple factors that of them are causes or results, what it provokes one ' ' envelhecimento' ' fast of the contents. An example is the forced adaptation of the ambient questions in resumes and didactic books that still preserve a speech of Traditional Geography and do not have as objective a procedural and critical understanding of these questions, come if to transform into the learning of slogans (CURRICULAR PARAMETERS NATIONAL OF GEOGRAPHY, 2000). The society is dynamic, procedural. The education of geographic needs to understand the reality, the moment, however it needs also to understand that the description-geographic processes that are occurring had a series of factors and not of prompt form. This practical type of educative restricts the notion of the geography transformed it into mere descriptive science, where it does not become association and relation between the factors.


Well, the theme is that each of us has an account in this Bank this account is called time. Every day each one of us has 86,400 seconds to spend.Either one more or one less.We all have the same amount. None of these seconds you can never go back and be lived again. You can not build up that not used well you must live in the present with the tank today.And you must invest your time better for health, well-being, wisdom and happiness. Time is critical and NLP is a tool that takes into account this factor their techniques save sometimes years of trying to change without achieving too is sometimes controversial this topic, but many NLP techniques to achieve a quick and effective change in people helping to improve their lives by putting them in the path of well-being, and a virtuous circle. Clock, by the way well makes his work and time relentless continues its path and gives you the maximum of each day do not allow any valuable second of your time to be in vain in pain, suffering, fears, painful memories.

That’s not useful but all go through processes of pain, loss and fears is very human. As well and all…is much more useful focus on solutions, asking you questions to the PNL style what is the best way to spend this moment?. be present, here and now, to live with joy and serenity! Attention, to live the present does not mean that we should stop our projects on the future, leaving set ourselves specific objectives or stop believing and work to achieve our dreams, on the contrary! It is simply better to let go, have an attitude of experimenter, to go for change, as the PNL proposed leave flowing life, put aside the concerns, leaving cling to what you limits and maintain serenity and positivity: a spirit with serene and joyful it will be much easier to achieve your goals.