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Safe Online Banking

So protect yourself against abuse in online banking from the online account at home who pay rent, check the account balance, or just a few bills without having to be at the bank counter easy: the advantages of online banking to sound so good. About half of today’s Internet users controls its finances via online banking. The use online banking is so convenient and advantageous, can be so insecure, if you meet not the necessary safety precautions. Banks make today with a series of security measures to ensure that their Web portals, as well as the data transfer are as safe. Most abuse cases occur but around the own PC at home, so this represents the biggest flaw in online banking. 8 tips for safe online banking the following remarks refer to the PIN/TAN process most commonly used in online banking.

A virus scanner and a firewall to secure your own PC should be on every home PC to the standard equipment include. Modern firewalls today also offer protection against phishing attacks (password theft). In addition, use an anti-spyware. This prevents malicious programs to install itself on your PC that send personal data to recipients on the Internet. Regularly update the programs. Switch the automatic update service (update function) of the programs, so that you can not forget the updates.

Secure password use when choosing your password do not use in their personal environment-known names or numbers, such as the name of a family member, the telephone number or a date of birth. Use therefore at least achtstelliges password, consisting of both numbers and letters. No automatic storage use save any passwords, as well as PINs and TANs in your browser window. Enter your personal data by hand better each time even if it seems complicated. Private data in the browser delete delete also regularly the private data in your browser.

Banking Legislation

Occurrence of most countries in the era of information society requires an adequate legal regulation of relations connected with the information. There is no doubt that the leading branch of the law in the new society will be information. Unfortunately, in our country, this legislation has not yet developed. Among the relationships that require the proper regulation are primarily related to confidential information or 'Secret'. Among the mysteries of the greatest importance for the economy has a banking secrecy, since it is the financial system is 'blood' for the entire economy.

It should be noted, that problems related to bank secrecy have in today's Russia and the political significance and the numerous scandals related to 'money' money including foreign banks 'exodus' of capital only to emphasize the relevance of research to these problems. Institute of secrecy, as well as all banking laws and regulations, is a complex and legal nature and associated with such branches of law as constitutional, administrative, civil and criminal, but the greater part relations governed still rules of civil law, whose analysis of the present study. The first question that arises in the study of a legal phenomenon is the determination study concepts. At present, science has not developed a clear definition of bank secrecy, is not it in the legislation. Most scientists believe that the secret – a special legal regime of restricted access (O Other approaches to the definition of bank secrecy, see: A. Efremov Information as an object of civil rights / / Students in legal science: Sat.

Office Banking Service

All have had the experience of forgetting the payment of a pending account or an important project and above all the concern for what will happen now that we have to pay at the last minute. Currently there is how to pay its debts, credits or consumption newspapers through banking transactions online on your mobile device and pass bad times is a feeling that will be a thing of the past. When we had advantage in our team of computing at home or the Office to complete this task was wonderful and now that we have the real possibility to do it from our mobile feels more comforting. It is necessary to complete a couple of minimum requirements and already you can pay with much comfort and immediately from your mobile device. It is important to register to perform this type of banking transactions online with your bank before putting to test the mobile application, however, if it is necessary to start with this step on a computer. Once you complete the download of mobile applications that then you will be given the option of making payments from an mobile device.

This is a service that usually is not charged him to the cuenta-corrientista or cuenta-ahorrista, then read the small print to make sure that you are not incurring an expense that does not cause surprise tomorrow. Click Phil Vasan to learn more. To use this banking service you will need to download the application to your mobile device. You have several options for configuring each invoice, debt, credit payable. There is almost always a periodic payment of your online bank account or you can configure the outlay that must be carried out once you have received the reminder text that expiration date. One of the useful tools which you may want to use the text service available that be notified not only when a Bill is due, but also when a Bill has been paid.Advantages for access to mobile banking are undoubtedly notable.

Banking Performance

Since then I am not going to be me who occupies cheapen the performance of banking user associations who currently the nullity of the swap contract. Unfortunate banking product of rabid litigation today for a year to this part. Now well, I intend to present lines clarify my personal position, as we say lawyers, except criterion better founded in law. And in this respect, no doubt not albergo: demand better individually. A few days ago recorded a video (click here to see), which sought to clarify certain aspects related to this type of contract, insofar as possible, giving certain brush strokes to the action being brought in the alleged invalidity. In it allowed me to reflect, of luck who understood positive that our political leaders opened an investigation for the purpose of clarifying if existed oligopolistic practices in the placement of these products, since in very short space of time were sold around 200,000 contracts for not less than 14 banking institutions; which when it gives less to think about. I had not had the opportunity to meet a few days earlier statements by the Minister of economy, Mrs Salgado, who defended the legality of these products as your subscription was voluntary, and that in any case the courts would correct misinformation about hiring situations.

Without disdain of the independence of the judiciary, which is beyond any doubt, such statements are a warning to sailors in all rule. And if what is intended with a collective demand is the generic condemnation of this banking practice, the reader knows that apparently seen, albergo serious doubts about its benevolence. I know that I disagree with many colleagues, but my focus is very different. I think that the wrench to get the annulment is not issue legal disquisition, but pure and simple test. It is demonstrated that each client suffered deficiencies in its statement regarding the product acquired, reason by which did so without due knowledge of the facts. And that obligatory (now more than ever) evidentiary deployment, there is no doubt, remains absolutely vedado when said individual interest is incardina in a collective demand for nullification of swaps.


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The prepaid MasterCard is 24/7 the whole and everyone can order now a credit card on credit basis. It is very easy and you ordered this credit card on the Internet and will also receive them mailed home. Has never been so easy to enjoy of a credit card to come, without this you only have to pay lots of money. With an annual fee of only 29, 00 euro, you can introduce any objection to this prepaid credit card. But to book also the next flight safest with this MasterCard, booked via Internet and paid in seconds. So nothing is really more wrong the next trip abroad. You can tell as MasterCard prepaid customer very quickly, that a credit card on credit basis not only for the online banking is very practical, but also for everyday use. Who wants to be financially provided really always on the safe side, is 24/7 good advice with this MasterCard. Nicole nail

National Banking Commission

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-more than 30 people dashed by the Monterrey Credit Union (Ucrem) have died of various causes, but it is attributed to the impotence to regain their savings. For example, a pair of brothers sold some inherited properties. Deposited money in Credit Union that was disabled by the National Banking Commission the next day and de Valores (CNBV). Disease overwhelms dozens of men and women who saw evaporate more than 400 million pesos as a whole. The President of Ucrem is a fugitive. Credit unions were born at the end of the Decade of the eighties as an alternative for saving and loans between traders and industrialists. Many of them went bankrupt and many were true fraud.

Ex Ucrem savers have marched through the streets of Monterrey for help and not the Governor of Nuevo Leon, Natividad Gonzalez Paras, has received them. The coup de grace is dealt them last February when the CNBV decreed that nothing can be done for them. The authorities do not they are made responsible for the embezzlement. Discouragement and crisis through which pass has taken life to more than 30 people. It is common to see them in wheel chairs, slow walking under the unforgiving Sun without nobody mercy is on them. A lifetime of saving and sacrifice went down the drain, along with the hope that the authorities will help them to recover their money. Carrier why not enters the Fobaproa rescue? Why aren’t aliens?

Banking Activity

Banking activity means a high level of the economy in all parts of the world, since this financial manifestation allows a constant movement of money to achieve that capitals of different people by means of loans and credits, as well as activities of control through savings accounts are placed on the market. All this is due to the banks than with their strategies and the excellent management of the market are able to boost the economy and the world’s banks among European banks, which thanks to its history and knowledge that has in the market has been consolidating in the world as one of the best examples of appropriate actions that should make banksbeing in many cases examples for the world and that therefore are globally. Among some of the main features presented in European banks, can be found: orientation who have European banks is directed largely toward businesses, i.e. seeks one greater business presence, leaving rest of your activity for private individuals; This is combined with the idea of a limitation toward loans in the long term, by which European banks give greater accommodate loa loan of medium and short term; but this does not mean that they den will not provide long-term in the European financial market, this leaves in hand of the subsidiaries of European banks. The presence of deposits in European banks is very high, which is due to a greater extent to that within this field of the European economy, there are no limitations when it comes to the establishment of branches, giving way to the presence of giant banking networks in all countries of the European continent, which is accompanied by a great advertising that drives the market.

Something that prevails largely among European banks, mostly in France and Italy, is that the Government is the owner of major banks or at least has the largest number of actions, in such a way the role of Governments within the banking system a good part of Europe is of great value, because it is a direct way of participate in the economy and so through banks is achieved better conditions. Something that has characterized European banks, is that they often perform activities forbidden in other banks in the world, an example is that European banks can own shares of another enterprise; You can also talk of banking secrecy, which means a greater privacy for clients and that promotes the greater realization of deposits. In the field of European banks, notably the presence of some banks that remain among the best in Europe, such as: Deutsche Bank A.G., Dresdner Bank A.G., Commerzbank A.G, Banque Nationale de Paris, Credit Lyonnais, Societe Generale, Banco Santander, BBVA and the Credit Suiss..

TVG Publishing Provides Free API Interface For DasTelefonbuch

Direct access to DasTelefonbuch for companies Frankfurt am Main, March 18, 2010 everyone should know this: you want to just quickly look the address of a customer or find out the phone number of a supplier. But missing contact data cause unnecessary loss of time. Businesses and developers now have the opportunity to integrate the database by DasTelefonbuch Germany quickly and free of charge in your own software applications. Now, the database can be integrated by DasTelefonbuch Germany directly in CTI, CRM or ERP systems. “The big advantage: any developer can its” individually in the corporate design of the company or of the application user interface.

With direct access to approximately 30 million contacts from all over Germany, the search is much faster for addresses and phone number in the future. Numerous practical features such as the so-called reverse search (inverse search) also help to find the right information faster. This allows E.g. in CTI applications automatic display of incoming calls. Others who may share this opinion include Sarah Perot. As can be seen the corresponding participant by phone number or know what calls have been missed. The API interface is available free on as a download available and is available in two versions.

The manual version of the dialog standard is suitable for all those who investigate individual participant data. The more powerful version of the automatic query is the right choice for large amounts of data. At any time the complete database to access, users in conjunction with the API need only a single user, network, or intranet license by DasTelefonbuch. More press releases and press photos are available at for download. The TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large amounts of data about the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national information products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services related to the issue of data quality for commercial use are a further focus in the product portfolio. Press contacts TVG Verlag GmbH & co. KG Patrick Langhans Wiesenstrasse cabin 18 60329 Frankfurt phone: (0 69) 2 57 86-46 48 fax: (0 69) 2 57 86 46 05 E-Mail: Internet: and PR-agency Xpand21 GbR Ellen Konig Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 325 0917 17 fax: + 49 40 325 0917 19 E-Mail: Internet: