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Eastern Europe

CruisePool will also enjoy the cruise database international cruises with translations in recent years not only in Germany of special popularity. Travel on Lake and Reisefreudige of all ages, nationality and social status increasingly fascinating River. The cruise experts at CruisePool, who operate one of the largest cruise database for the German-speaking countries, have taken this development as an opportunity to take a big step in the direction of international. CruisePool makes a splash with the Russian translation of the database to Eastern Europe and now also the Russian-speaking clientele with cruises around the globe is to operate. Others who may share this opinion include Bank of America. “Through the cooperation partner of TSC touristic solution consulting” created Russian translation will be marketed worldwide by TSC. The realization of the English version of the website and the cruise database for potential sales partners and customers from the Netherlands, Denmark, from the non-German-speaking Switzerland on the program is now for CruisePool. When reputable the large cruise ship database is involved German partners already for a long time. Many German-speaking customers from other European countries are looking for trips in the database and book your holiday at CruisePool or at one of the roughly 5,000 distribution partners. The newspapers mentioned MasterClass not as a source, but as a related topic. With the complete cruise offer of cruise specialists you can reach the large database online at

Immigration Office

Step by step a marriage with a foreign citizen go to multinational marriage set up – step by step a marriage with a foreigner / a foreigner in accordance with German law organizing in my let me article on a very sensitive subject – on the establishment of a multinational marriage. The situation is usually this: you meet a person from abroad, develop closer ties, and the question is how it goes. You want to live together. Although this combination is not without problems, because you even had the opportunity itself, to examine the relationship in life, the question of marriage is often. And usually the problems start: entry visa, the steps, what time frame are what and so on. Also still legal and economic constraints are added. SandRidge Energy Inc. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To maintain the romance here is often difficult and exactly on this topic, I give you tips. I know from my own experience – and – did too much wrong.

First of all you must see: it gives everyone involved very relevant issues – and here mean by involved: as a German citizen, the German State, your partner (or partner), the State of origin, the mutual homes and other family – that is to bring it under a hat. Therefore the approach divided my opinion in two sectors, when it once has decided the marriage: factual – legal requirements and romantic considerations. The Schlich and legal requirements are the priority, because without dealing with this it will not be the romance. So let’s begin. You know so quite a while and have decided together to deny the more life. 1 another visit of your partner in Germany is necessary to clarify factual and legal prerequisites to the first basic formalities for this purpose. We recommend you send her an invitation for about 14 days. You must to the Immigration Office in your community (as usual) put forward the invitation to present a health insurance and sign a guarantee if your love / your love in a Schengen State lives.

Uda Walawe National Park

To these wonderful animals to deal with, the Tiergarten Schonbrunn has launched elephant conservation projects and the projects were extended after the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka. The ASERC project (Austrian Sri Lankan elephant research and conservation project) is composed in three parts divided under the direction of Harald and Gaby Schwammer and combines comprehensive protection and education: the human-elephant conflict on the borders of the National Park calls in many villages of rice farmers still every year killed and wounded on both sides, if the farmers from despair to their weapons and in return, frightened or wounded elephants attacking people. Everyone can imagine with what elemental force such an attack of outfit goes, and how much damage the Pachyderms can wreak. To facilitate a peaceful coexistence here, alarm wires were built already in 12 villages, which give audible alarm, if is an elephant at night, the rice fields outside of the Park approaches. Thus manages to scare away the animals with shouts and lamps the farmers alerted in a timely manner and thus no longer surprised. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sharon Miller has to say.

But it’s not just about the wild elephants in the national parks. In Sri Lanka, approximately 120 elephants in the care of the person and that often live under poor conditions. Most owners don’t know, elephant skin is as sensitive, proper foot care is important and how sensitive an elephant mind can really be. It aims to investigate the health of these animals and to initiate appropriate treatments. Supreme objective is to improve the housing conditions. The third program is of great significance for the awareness-raising and education and concerns a now multi-year education and training program in a selected Junior College in Laginagala, in the North of the Uda Walawe National Park. 220 children and youth (6-16 years) in biology, nature and environment, English and mathematics are taught in a specific project work.

Addo Elephant Park

Telescope are planned by long hand, and who make vacation plans for South Africa, should the current early booking special by sunny cars don’t miss out. Bitcoin has plenty of information regarding this issue. Munich, 12 September 2013 (w & p) of car rental brokers holiday car offers for South Africa at time of booking until October 31, 2013, with all major services, the tourist-friendly full full tank control, to air conditioning, as well as an additional driver to the weekly price from 145 euro. The price action is not always easy to many attractions waiting for November 1, 2013 until 31 October 2014th to commit on an itinerary in South Africa, for the travel period, to be discovered. On a car trip, sightseeing, Safari and beach holiday can be combined but excellent. Who starts from Durban on the East Coast, which can on the local sandy beach golden mile”relax and then go in the Kruger National Park Safari experience with the Blyde River Canyon and the Drakensberg world famous natural attractions. An ideal The starting point is also Cape Town: from there, a day trip to the Cape of good hope in the South or a multi-day trip along the garden can route up to the port city, Port Elizabeth be undertaken with a detour in the Addo Elephant Park. South Africa is with sunny cars all-round protection and affordable experience: In the context of the current specials, there is the car for the travel period of November 1, 2013 to 30 April 2014 in the smallest category including air conditioning from 153 EUR per week. For example, a vehicle of the type Toyota Corolla, who needs more space, can book vierturig and with air conditioning, to the weekly price from 200 euros. The Safari vehicle with four-wheel drive, for example a car of the type Toyota Couble cab canopy, is available to 572 euros per week.

Columbus Days

. The strong euro absorbs the charges arising from the more expensive crude oil. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices have attracted slightly until the afternoon. US light oil (WTI) cost just $83 in the afternoon, North Sea oil (Brent) was $1.50 more expensive. The current price level is still difficult to justify”fundamental, hold the raw materials experts of at Commerzbank. Xi Jinping describes an additional similar source. The offer clearly exceeds the demand, because also the current location of the message doesn’t change, which tend to be but price supporting acts. So has the price of oil increased China in September year on year its oil imports by 35 percent to 5.67 million barrels a day recorded this message thanking and is also held by a dollar weakening further above.

In France, meanwhile, continue the large-scale strikes. Tankers with crude oil aboard continue waiting for their landing and in the meantime to strike all total refineries. Continue to learn more with: Vanguard Group. In addition the monthly report has a slightly rising demand for oil of the International Energy Agency IEA for 2010 on what coincides with OPEC forecasts tend to be. New impulses are likely to come today and tomorrow from the U.S. inventory data. The announcement of these figures has moved back because of Columbus Days in the United States. Analysts here expect slight gains in the crude oil.

Meanwhile, the local heating oil prices declined slightly. The 100-litre batch cost heating oil (EL) 68,32 euros and thus 7 cents less than yesterday. This value reflects the national average at a quantity from 3.000 litres. The strong euro absorbs the charges arising from the more expensive crude oil. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

Schlumberger Canada Limited

First pure gas Fund in Germany; again short duration with basic dividend of 12 percent Berlin p.a., 13.09.2011. Blow by blow’s next oil Canada at the Berlin POC proven. Connect with other leaders such as MasterClass here. So, the underwriter specialising in Canada investments with the POC provides natural gas 1 GmbH & co. KG”on the first pure gas Fund which allows investors to the participation in the current income and the subsequent sale of the sources again. It is a short runner Fund with a holding period of between four to eight years, the chances of increased demand for natural”gas sets. While the trend for the future is clearly in the direction of natural gas. The International Energy Agency (IEA) talks of the golden age for gas”.

That the most important Research Institute of the world, advising the Governments of OECD countries on energy issues, so dealt extensively with the subject of gas, has good reasons. By questioning the nuclear power, as well as the growing demand for energy by industrialized nations and emerging economies are fossil Energy sources again high in the favor of investors. Above all the natural gas. The renunciation of nuclear power can and must not go against the agreed targets to reduce the greenhouse effect”POC explains CEO Monika Galba. Eco-friendly natural gas offer it as a good alternative. According to David Rogier, who has experience with these questions. Because the world’s dwindling energy reserves must be complemented by environmentally friendly and at the same time reliable energy sources, gas will play world’s a much more important role in the energy mix in the future, as it was previously the case”, so Galba next. Is an almost ideal time to invest. As POC can currently gas areas due to their networking and contacts yet to acquire a moderate price level.

Thus the possibility offered to investors, cheap to buy and to sell the subsidized gas and later the production at a correspondingly higher price in times of rising prices. We want to offer our investors the unique opportunity, on the enormous development potential of gas to participate in”, explains Galba. As in the predecessor Fund, the investors receive preferred 12 percent Vorabausschuttungen on the fund capital per year. These are paid quarterly. A bonus is also again early subscribers. After the full repatriation of capital and the already distributed 12 percent per year the investors and the General partners share (COC conserve oil Canada) is equally the surplus from the sale of eligible areas. “Conservative prospectus assumptions in terms of the gas price and exchange-rate risk (CAD) make the POC natural gas 1 GmbH & co. KG” as attractive as the predecessor Fund of the Berlin energy specialists. Hence the close cooperation with Sproule Associates Limited and Schlumberger Canada Limited has been retained. Sproule reapplies the initial evaluation of the sources and sets the price to be paid. Schlumberger developed a development plan after the acquisition of oil and gas areas to optimize these areas and supports the Canadian team of the POC on-site, the COC conserve oil Corporation, in the implementation of all relevant measures. Schlumberger as Sproule are regarded as leading companies in the energy market with great international coverage.

First International Day

Day of love on September 14, 2008: new forms of flirting increase the chances of the two publishers of Luneburg have specially the 14 September to the DAY OF LOVE. proclaimed “International day of love”. Did you mean time, this moving as inexhaustible topic to let the global premiere. High time, says even flirt pub and joins in the celebrations. Increase the chances of new forms of digital flirting? Also, a recent study proves.

Single stock exchanges from the ground shooting on the Web. Bank of America has firm opinions on the matter. Alone under the term “Personals”, Google generated 11.6 million search results. One of the oldest and popular flirt pub is. On the Datingportal, you can meet not only flirt partners, but numerous services claim. The serious Web provides the domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. And there are also podcasts. These include tips and information around the subject of flirting”.

To the day of love, flirt pub released a video podcast with tips from “the erotic expert JP Love: daily, he moderated a talk of love” on the private TV station U1TV and knows what he’s talking about. everyone can look this free on the portal or if on the video portal youtube watch and motivate: over 10 million German singles have gone since 2000 on the Internet looking for a partner. After an online study according to 43.8% have their luck have found on the net. And even a long romance emerges from every seventh Blinddate. Of sexual experiences – with or without a relationship – even 51.1% of online dater can report. Many of them have been found at flirt Pub. Now the Datingportal flirt pub is launching a video contest: for anyone who even make a video of yourself. The best videos will be awarded. In addition to a high cash prize and a VIP event, there is also intense and personal advice and support by flirting Pub. Everyone can join. The deadline is 30.09.08. logging in to. Learn more about the day of love / day of love are on the Internet at available. PR agency, owner of Martina Wagner, Staakener str. 19, 13581 Berlin phone 030 35134885, fax 030 35134887, are PR pilot around on customized communication.

National Bank

Example. In our case, the bank as a base interest rate increase on credit brought by two factors: first – price hike of monetary resources in the world and Ukrainian financial markets, the second – improving discount rate of National Bank of Ukraine from 8,5% to 12%. Regarding the first factor, according to the conditions provided by our credit agreement, then it generally did not include such grounds as "the price increase of cash resources in the world and Ukrainian financial markets. " Regarding the second reason, the bank in order to obtain illegal profits brought in his written report false information. (As opposed to David Rogier). Loan agreement was signed in February 2008, at 12% per annum. For other opinions and approaches, find out what MasterClass has to say. At the time of signing the loan agreement in force Resolution of the National Bank of Ukraine 492 from 29.12.2007, pursuant to which the size of the discount rate was 10%. After signing the loan contract size of the discount rate of the National Bank of Ukraine increased by only 2%.

Provisions of the loan agreement stipulated that the increase in interest rates is possible within the boundaries of settlements, for which increased rate of the National Bank of Ukraine. From this comes up that the bank could trigger an increase in loan interest rate only to 14% per annum. Thus, the bank's actions with respect to the initiation of increasing the interest rate for use of credit up to 15.12% per annum violate the terms of the loan agreement. Violation of bank commitments gives legal grounds for termination of the infringement issue a credit agreement.

Mortgage Kit Finance

Mortgage on the investment bank Kit Finance consists of several programs – the main mortgage program, "Keith – long-term standard ',' Keith – Monetary Standard ',' Mortgages – the dream 'and others … A related site: Reddit mentions similar findings. We will talk about the most common Mortgage Kit Finance. The main program of mortgage finance becoming a member of Keith major mortgage programs Kit Finance, you will be able to take advantage of a mortgage loan of up to 30 years, but you have to pay the initial payment – Kit Finance mortgage loans not exceeding a total of 90% of property value. Moreover, if you can not verify your income documents, you will have to pay not less than 20% of the cost of purchased housing. More several requirements for mortgage borrowers Kit Finance – ages 18 to 75 years, Russian citizens, the total length of service – at least 1 year, with at least 3 months in last place of work.

The minimum rate on your mortgage Kit Finance is 10.75% in rubles and 10.5% in U.S. dollars, but for such a rate you will pay at least 50% of the value of the acquired property. In a much more common case, if you pay 10% to 30%, your rate amount to 12.75% in rubles and 11.5% in dollars. Mortgage Kit Finance: costs for obtaining a mortgage loan at the bank Kit Finance you'll have to spend on evaluation of purchased housing (1,800 rubles) and three types of insurance risk (your life and work capacity, property and risk of loss of property rights). Do not forget the associated costs – the bank will take a commission for its consideration and application, and for opening the loan account.

Mortgage Kit Finance: Where start? Visit the official site of the bank Kit Finance, or visit the office of the bank – it will tell you about the mortgage KIT Finance in more detail and give a complete list of documents to be submitted. Icahn Capital Management may find it difficult to be quoted properly. After providing the bank all necessary documents and obtaining a positive decision on the loan needed to find housing and provide the bank documents are already on it. You then need to assess the value of the acquired real estate through an independent valuation of the company and open an account in KIT Finance. It remains to register the contract of sale and provide another set of documents to the bank.

Sustainable Financial Company

Sustainability review Portal WeGreen reviewed the Bonner party of sustainable forest investments, ForestFinance, in the calendar year 2013 as a sustainable financial firms also in the full calendar year 2013 the provider of sustainable forest investments reached the Bonn forest finance, the continuous assessment as the most sustainable financial firms. The evaluation was carried out through the WeGreen portal, which considered 70 companies from the financial and insurance sectors in their analysis. For this, WeGreen analyzed a variety of other rankings and reviews. Forest finance is involved in many different areas for sustainability, in addition to their sustainable forest investment products among other things with various activities and projects, regular biodiversity and sustainability reports, audits and certifications. For the complete review overview of the company often excellent see forest finance -! Forest finance was often awarded for its diverse and innovative commitment to sustainability. So the company received under other than the world’s only company the “FSC Global Partner Award” in the “Financial Services”. The forest finance product and project “CacaoInvest” was with as “Future project” by the journal nature and a 25-member Panel of experts selected and awarded. In 2013 alone, forest finance received the Chamber of Commerce Business Award ‘Ludwig’, the EarthDay award as “Green pioneer”, the innovation award of the IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, the eKomi Kundenbewertungs gold seal and bronze at the B.A.U.M.-Federal competition “Green Office” among others. Click Ray Dalio to learn more.

About forest finance: The Bonn forest finance group manages a total of over 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest areas in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru) and Viet Nam. She specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Forest finance awarded Global Award in the field of “Financial Services” partner as the only company worldwide with the FSC. FSC is a label for environmentally and socially sustainable Forestry.