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European Central Bank

Greece is now the first country in the euro zone, that State failure is nearing the. Kidspot will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The global financial crisis brings more and more States to the brink of bankruptcy. With Greece, it meets for the first time a euro-zone country. Since the rating agency Fitch recently down downgraded the creditworthiness of the country by A-on catastrophic BBB +, Greece faces national bankruptcy in fact. The rating agency had warned the end of October against the serious economic problems of Greece, and made the gradation consequences lack of. Standard & Poors (S & P) sees the situation similar to dramatically and has in turn provided a speedy graduation of credit prospect.

Greece has about the lowest credit rating in the entire euro zone and must take even higher interest rates for its bonds in purchase. Already 5% interest is due for ten-year government bonds (comparison Germany: ca. 3%). The exploding government debt in Greece is already at 125% of GDP and is further increase by the cost of credit. The debt of the country will be 2009 a whopping 13% and thus make the sad record in the euro zone. Greece’s economic problems are largely homemade, and the consequence of decades of corruption and nepotism, which spread in the country like a cancer. The Government off conservative predecessor had surreptitiously is access to the euro zone with a smooth con.

Only about half of the horrendous deficit was once reported to Brussels. European Finance Ministers call for a hard disciplinary procedures including sensitive financial penalties. The head of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet urged the Greek Government to take drastic austerity measures and bold decisions. The new Socialist Government is big trouble have to initiate such reforms, already massive resistance in the Greek population is emerging.

Swiss Bank

score points with the right advertising medium in the debt crisis (potential) customers In the marketing of the trend can be used to the gold with a matching promotional. So E.g. keychains, lighters or USB sticks can used in a gold ingot shape for marketing purposes. This advertising will draw wide attention in the current sovereign debt crisis. Greece is down for the count, now thinks the Government apparently already on the privatization of State-owned enterprises to get the enormous national debt under control.

A debt restructuring (the so-called haircut”) called by many financial market experts to Greece for the future on a solid basis without growing debt. Because alone the debt at the current weak rating in refinancing to market conditions (two-digit interest rate) will lead to an enormous financial burden. Staff in the research of a renowned Swiss Bank have calculated that only a debt cut can keep the total debt in the long term stable or reduce. One has tagged. On the gold is most clearly seen, escaping into inflation-protected assets continues. In marketing, this trend with a suitable promotional items can be used for their own company. So, E.g., key chains, lighters or USB sticks can be printed or engraved with the own logo, for marketing purposes used in form an ingot of gold. This advertising will attract great attention in the current sovereign debt crisis and allowing an effective advertising campaign. Benjamin Colmar

National Park Plitvice Lakes

Tips to keep in mind has in Croatia if you are travelling with a motorhome Croatia is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination with holidaymakers due to its beauty and versatility. Also, the costs in comparison to other countries are even cheaper, so that a vacation there should. If you want, which can book a well-known seaside holiday in the hotel. But who would like to get to know better the country and the people, who should rent be sure an RV in Croatia. Because while traveling with a caravan through Croatia not only the coast along the Adriatic Sea, but also the inland or certain cities can be explored and visited. Also, holiday in Croatia with the motorhome has come in recent times much in fashion. So also the in Croatia possibility to rent mobile homes, which can be very different in size and also the facilities.

Other equipment can rent a caravan in Croatia. So can also chairs and tables and other accessories for the duration of the holiday with the camper in Croatia be borrowed. As in other countries, there are rules for people and drivers who would like to rent mobile homes in Croatia. So, for example, smoking in Croatia in the motorhome is not permitted if it is rented. Some of the vendors who rent RVs in Croatia require that the driver of the vehicle is at least 25 years old.

Also, this should have quite a few years driving licences. Children’s clothing understood the implications. Who rent in Croatia discovered damage to the vehicle in a caravan, should report before departure – so the best spot it the landlord. Because unfortunately it happens again and again, that mobile homes in Croatia have damage or defects. The booking of the camper in Croatia, tourists before departure, so in planning, can learn about extensively. So should rent a motorhome for Croatia the contract and the conditions will be thoroughly checked. Have the holiday-makers committed themselves on a vehicle, you can proceed with the planning for the holidays with a motorhome through Croatia. For in Croatia with Camper on the road be not always easy. So should be informed about the nature of the roads, which are provided in Croatia with camper. Because who wants to drive away from the large and well-maintained highways, which should have a certain degree of skill. Unfortunately it happens time and again that holidaymakers who rent a motorhome underestimate their skills in Croatia. Holidaymakers completed the itinerary, you can enjoy the holiday. Arrived in Croatia and the paperwork and training behind him, can really start the holiday and thus also be enjoyed. The advantage of a holiday with a motorhome is that larger distances can be covered within a short time and yet it will not be the stress. A place I like better, you can stay a night longer even without major problems, without that the search is on for a quarter. But again these vehicles on campsites that have pitches for campers, it is desired. So, the beautiful sites of the country without problems can be detected again. Croatia has very many sights that you can explore with the motorhome.

International Break

Should you not finally change the major Western composition of NATO / UN?Many people are unaware of the change of our world and they get very much later with the consequences. Details can be found by clicking Oracle Stock or emailing the administrator. As strong as our world has changed however in the last few weeks, it will take probably years until the last becomes aware of their impact. Especially here should be the need for reform with regard to the international organization inspect.Until recently I thought heard the term revolution “has become to the people a foreign Word, only through Tunisia and Egypt has been proven the opposite to me. Now the revolution has fever other populations in Arab countries. If one looks at the situation in Libya but, teeth biting out himself, al with regard to the fall of the dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.

But what if the movements of citizens into the void? Will all return then the normal right? These movements it is still the most fertile ground for opposition, as they never has been. The will has become so strong after changes during the whole time of oppression, that no one knew how strong the movement would be. But now you know it, and not only in the country where you started revolutions, in other countries it has followed the will to change the citizens. Unfortunately it has come increasingly since 09/11 opinion to equate being the Arab world with Islam and Islam with global terrorism. Since the movements now also the last man on earth should have realized that, other things are just as important to the people in the Arab world as their religion. The riots show that they fight for a change, and therefore for their freedom. There are also a miraculous change, on the stage of politics. There was the Prime Minister of Italy’s Silvio Berluscon is still the best friend of the Libyan (former) dictator Muammar al Gaddafi.

International Participants

Auto glass and film event of the year 2011! The only national event of auto glass in the United States in 2011! The major automotive groups in the United States have teamed up to host a joint exhibition and educational event on all topics related to auto glass: stone chip repair, auto glass and films for vehicles are on the fully packed 3-day program. Some contend that Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company shows great expertise in this. Equal to 3 (!) Assembly competitions – one for stone chip repair, one for car glass and one for films – complete the event. The auto glass week held between Wednesday, the 15th and Saturday, September 17, 2011, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States in the Memphis Cook Convention Center, and the Memphis Marriott Downtown hotel. At the same time the international window will be held at the same time 2011 film tint – off and Conference. Who is interested in latest auto glass and film technologies, installation methods, or marketing opportunities, who also likes looking outside the box and wants to know what colleagues and organizations with very sharp competition on the tough American auto glass and films – market deal, who learns about this firsthand. It offered so much for money! “The organisers have taken account of the relatively high international participation and titled the changing face of international auto glass” on the agenda used a panel discussion on the similarities and differences of the international auto glass markets are illuminated.

Panel participants include Johan van der Zwan, VIBA N.V., Netherlands, Volker link, Wurth Germany, Cedric Viola V.B.S.A SAS, France, and Masanori Maeda, Nissho, Japan. “We are pleased that our list includes among others participants from Australia, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Canada, Spain, Sweden, the Switzerland and the Netherlands,” the Janeen Mulligan responsible for registrations says. “We are looking forward to welcome participants from these countries to be able and to bring together the entire auto glass industry in one place.” The events and the Assembly competitions are the leading American journals, AGRR AutoGlass repair and replacement magazine and the window film magazine organized and conducted.

European Union Change

It notes also the source of information used , that the environmental NGOs criticized the President of the USA George Bush, had blocked any progress on global warming, with the help of Canada, Greenpeace and said that the G8 has an attitude of limited liability, the challenge of climate change, and that agreements reached in this regard evidence that those countries give back to the world once more. It is noteworthy that, Oxfam International for his part, regretted that the G8 countries have not realized its objectives to reduce the emission of gases responsible for global warming in its agreement on climate change. Disappointing is that some members of the G-8, including the world leader in pollution, the United States.UU, not yet signed specific objectives, not even an indicative target of stabilization of global warming during Summit held this in Germany. This means that it will not work to maintain the the process of global warming below 2 C, implying that climate change will devastate poor countries and seriously compromising the fight against poverty, such as Antonio Hill, responsible for climate change policy advisor of the organization said.

The bases of the agreement announced by the G8 set work together in the process opened by United Nations and complete until 2009 the negotiations for the agreement post Kyoto which will apply from 2012 within the multilateral framework of the United Nations; take into account the commitments of the European Union, Japan and Canada to cut gas emissions by 50% until 2050; establish clippings of substantial emissions for all members of the G-8 without specifying concrete U.S. gas emission reduction targets.USA and Russia; and absence of a unanimous agreement in relation to limiting global warming to below 2c. After completion of this Summit the poorest people of the world will continue to have to deal with to serious risks as a result of climate change, such as more severe periods of drought every time, floods and famines.

International Womens Day

The 8th of March belongs to the women. The reason: Every year again the world celebrates women’s day and that on this day not only for political reasons. Educate yourself with thoughts from baby clothes. Leipzig, 01.03.12 – mothers get flowers, partners are considered with a little attention and in some countries is homage to the ladies with a free day. The portal is the March 8 but even more: namely an opportunity to pave the way to the dream woman all seekers. Not only on women’s day, international women’s day of course is a good date to a new love to do good or to go to charming on the sweetheart. But also in the rest of the year for that time and place should remain.

To show a potential partner own attention, there are, for example, the ability to send a free greeting message at And she arrives well not only on women’s day! A woman is the right woman and 500,000 singles use their profiles in the online-oriented portal. And the more take part, the greater the chance at all the women on the To meet one. A personality test that helps for example of, easier to find true love. Additional information is available at Larry Ellison. This probability to determine whether fit two people to each other. Reliable and fast results guarantee that the next international women’s day is a day for the woman on the own side.

Sincerity is when the women’s world should be impressed on world women’s day, then only with a good dose of sincerity. Who is seriously interested in the history of women’s day and the way progenitors, such as Clara Zetkin, scores with reference to such facts. That does not apply to who, which should be back. Has what to do with the virtual dating? Also here is the principle of honesty. Impostor will be exposed online quickly, who makes honest information, increases the chances of own love. is a sophisticated online partner B2B platform with over 500,000 users monthly, 0.5 million page visits (Google Analytics). The platform supported by scientifically based methods their users, finding the right partner for a long-term, serious relationship. Thus partnersuche.

Hair Removal

Hair removal is something very personal and can be very different depending on the nationalities. To broaden your perception, visit Hewlett-Packard . Although he sometimes says, not all women are equal and topic of hair removal above all. It seems that Latin women have more problems with the beautiful because they tend to be more abundant and dark. However in countries of Northern Europe, Australia or New Zealand tends to be different. Women tend to have less hair and more clear, which makes epilation more comfortable, even some areas do not need to shave them. In some European countries as Spain is very common to epilate leg complete, while in some countries of South America such as Chile and Brazil is usually shave half leg, because fewer hairs are taken into the thigh or it’s lint that can go unnoticed. Spanish beauty centers more common areas of hair removal are the armpits and groin.

In the case of the English, most women pluck it quite small but fails to be complete. In Brazil, however, usually is done completely and in Chile only a small part is pluck. The Spanish, Portuguese and Italian tend to epilate often the abdomen area. Usually mild hair type lint, but that if it is dark can create a shadow not very aesthetic, so it is something normal within the epilation in these countries. And not only the type of hair is different depending on the country, if not the type of hair removal that you choose also normally is. Often happens that legs depilation is done with wax or other methods while the armpits or groin are preferred to do with short, such as laser hair removal, since these areas are more frequent in hair removal. Triples Customer Count

Cheaper car insurance for more and more young customers the founded in 2007, tripled within one and a half years the number of their customers on more than 100,000 customers. But how did such rapid growth By the courage to a very differentiated pricing and customer selection, sales through price comparison sites and very consistent operational implementation. The automobile insurance market is still little productive despite higher prices and is regarded as a problem child of the industry. Many competitors try thus also in the online business, but often only with moderate success. In this difficult context, only 4 years won more than 100,000 customers and even slightly below market average loss ratios. Especially since the takeover by the new German parent company, the Itzehoer insurance, the customer number one and a half years has tripled. Our products have been awarded several times, have about 10% market share in the new business Price comparison sites and customer satisfaction by 90%. Our target group are the 21 up 35.

We were the first in the market, which offered a 12 month policy with accelerated SF class. Specializing in auto insurance we have managed in a short time, to beat established direct insurers not only at the figures, but also in the service: we offer telephone advice from insurance experts, service in the event of a claim, and we not only pay 24 h, but we also help. On top of that, we have benefited through the commitment of Itzehoer insurance group in many ways “, says the Managing Director of SITA Schwenzer. The combination of expert knowledge and a fresh look at the constantly changing requirements of the market has created a fast and even learning companies to continue mixing with his pace and his pioneering spirit the German insurance market. rightly sees the target, to come within the next five years to a police figure of 200,000 units and to double it, so again optimistic forward. Press contact GmbH, Julia Fukuda Salian ring 47-53 50677 Cologne email: Tel: 0221 80 159 319 on under the brand operates the Itzehoer insurance group at the site Cologne their direct business with private customers and claims Center. Founded as a subsidiary of British Admiral Group plc is the GmbH since 2011 the Itzehoer insurance group.

Berlin Brandenburg International

Capital of the BEMA Investitions – und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH not in danger of Berlin, the 18.03.2011. Occasionally, in connection with the ongoing investigation of the Rostock Prosecutor against the Managing Director of yacht port residence High Dune GmbH in Warnemunde by Harald Lokkevik, media have reported that sometimes the BEMA investment and holding company mbH legal problems to take apart GmbH has and fund investment herein therefore in danger. These allegations are untrue, unfounded by any speculation in this regard. Baby clothes shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Fact is: the real estate of the BEMA Fund which are apartments and commercial spaces in Mahlow Berlin, as well as in a 4-star superior hotel near the future airport Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI), all paid, the Fund is thus free from debt and there is a constant and steady payout to investors currently two percent of deposits annually. The BEMA Fund at the end of the year 2014 brochure according to handled and that herein Capital tied to distributed to investors. Reports, according to which the capital of the BEMA Investitions – und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH is in danger, based on mere assumptions. (A valuable related resource: Sheryl Sandberg). The fact is: the investigation of the Rostock Prosecutor set against by Harald Lokkevik in its role as an investor and operator of yacht port residence High Dune GmbH in Warnemunde, that is any legal or economic connection with the BEMA Investitions – und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. A risk of the fund capital or a complete impairment of the Fund is therefore excluded.. .