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Tokyo Reuters

Reuters – Tokyo (Reuters) – Softbank, the third largest mobile operator in Japan, said on Monday that will distribute the new device in the iPhone Asian country at a price of 23,040 yen (214.6 dollars).
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Internet Banking

It is possible to generate economy, greater yield and credibility next to customers and suppliers. To maximize the resulted profits is guarantee of better, backward feeding the technologies with new tools and updates of the used systems already. The companies are growing e, at the same time, reducing its capacity to know and to personalize the contact with its customers. Let us see the tailor, the shoemaker, make products or order to size while great companies retail who produce in high amounts the same products for the great mass. She does not have more privacy with the consumer.

With the growth of the companies a sensible fall in the privacy occurred that these organizations possuam with the consumers. Each time more occurs great fusing in sectors as financial, feeding, communication, drinks, retail. Some conglomerated companies or arrive to possess millions of customers. The banks are a great example: with intention to reduce operational costs and to increase its base of customers they buy competitors of lesser expression. They are used only of the same structure and effectively they bring new wallets for inside of the same organization. In this way the consumers are treated as numbers. He is much more economic and cmodo for a bank that its account holder uses the auto-attendance in electronic boxes, Internet Banking of what it if directs for an agency, therefore will go to demand time of its employees for an actual attendance.

Some of these Organizations think that mass propaganda can be enough to substitute the experience of the relationship with its customers. The value invested in propaganda must the same be invested in CRM, marketing of relationship, call to center, training (in such a way for sales or campaigns how much for the proper development of the collaborators). The vendidos products and offered services are very seemed. Ten competitors can exist the same vendendo product with accurately equal prices. What it will go to differentiate them will be the given attendance. Obviously that & ndash; if the consumer already to possess relationship with definitive company & ndash; the business will be next to being concluded. The companies need to perfect the relationship with its consumers. Each time more exists new products and services with similar prices offered by a number each bigger time of competitors and what it really makes the difference and the privacy of the consumer with the organization. To segment and to define the focus of action directly are related to the success and assertividade of the carried through offers. To plan, to segment and to focar efforts demand investments, greaters costs & ndash; however they increase credibility satisfaction of the consumers bringing bigger yield and profitability for the company. Loyalty is conquered and constructed throughout the time, with relationship directed and planned commercially. This adjective is reached through commercial efforts (long strategies of value aggregation, confidence and exchange of benefits, relation of gain-earn) & ndash; he is much more cheap to keep of what conquering customers & ndash; this phrase in all can be read the parts and it she is very true. To manage relationships is an ability, one dom. Must be cultivated and be stoned, or then & ndash; STUDIED. It thinks about this.

The Banks

further development (I have a possibility of further development in this organization, I can learn a lot, I I get a promotion, more interesting responsibilities, higher pay / here will not be a career, I prosizhu in this position for 10 years and nothing changes, I have no way to transfer to another department, to another post, I did not learn anything here / further development does not interest me, I’m not going to take a higher position, I was happy with everything as it is, I never thought about it) 7. value of the company (I share the values of the company I am guided by them in everyday life / I do not understand, do not share the values of the company, they make me rejection, this is double standards, no one truly does not believe it, I have to pretend to be like everybody else / what is it? the company has value? never even heard of) 8. Sheryl Sandberg has firm opinions on the matter. sector (working in retail, in B2B, the production, etc., has always been my dream, this is a stable, reliable sector, I would not want to work in another sector (if you work in the company’s sell marble, would you like to try his hand at the store? And at the factory? And in the company to provide services for the population?), I am proud that my company …. (Building houses, providing services to the public, helping people realize their dreams by providing loans) / I do not like the scope of the company, I would have moved to another sector, in the everyday life of me, this sector is not interested in (depressing, I think such activities as immoral, unnecessary …


According to the president of the organization, Francisco Gonzlez, to create job is necessary to have an economic plan ” much more elaborado”. He responds to the intention of Rubalcaba thus to apply to a new rate to boxes and banks to create job. He sees necessary the application of reforms in three fronts to leave the crisis: the financial system, the labor market and the public cost. The president of the BBVA, Francisco Gonzlez, considers that to impose a new rate to the bank ” sentido” does not have any; and it thinks that what needs Spain ” is a Government; fuerte” that ” confronts structural reforms; resolutely and profundidad”. ” What has sense is to put this country to work and to create positions of trabajo” , it adds to Gonzlez in an interview in the newspaper the World.

Gonzlez makes these declarations in reference to the intention of the candidate of the PSOE to the next general elections, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, to apply new tributes to the financial system when maintaining that it is the moment for requesting to the boxes and the banks that let part of their benefits to create use. According to the BBVA president, to create job ” is necessary to have an economic plan; much more elaborado” and to give confidence to the national economy and to the international investors, but not to create a new tax to the bank because ” it would not generate positions of trabajo”. To reform three fronts According to Gonzlez, Spain needs to confront ” with urgencia” reforms in three fronts, the financial system, the labor market and the public cost, to be able to leave the crisis. ” We cannot waste more time without we remove to Spain from that league that does not interest to us, the one of Portugal, Ireland and Grecia” , it adds. The bank did not cause to the crisis the president of the BBVA is totally in agreement with the great vindication of 15M of which ” it does not have right to that the young people do not find a position of trabajo” , but it rejects the critics of which they are the banks the cause of the crisis. The existence of organizations badly managed and that they have had to receive public aid does not justify the demonizacin of all the sector, considers. On the lack of credit, Gonzlez affirms that the problem is that there are no credit requests and assures that, since occupies the BBVA presidency for the first time, it sees ” the empty pipes of operaciones”.

Test of solution On the other hand, and in relation to the test resultses of solution to the European bank published Friday, the BBVA president considers that it is ” first paso” , but that is necessary to continue advancing so that all the European bank has the necessary capital. On the matter, it indicates that the European banks are undergoing ” sobremanera” the existing division in Europe on the resolution of the Greek problem and augurs that there will be new concentrations in the zone derived from the uncertainty situation. In his opinion, the Spanish bank ” it has come out parada” well; of the solution tests and one has demonstrated that the lack of capital of some organizations is a problem ” limited and asumible” for the country.

Marta Dominguez Want

It was a suspension to prudential, says the President of the Federation. For him it would be a pride that the athlete to be part of the RFEA again. The acquittal of Marta Dominguez in operation Greyhound opens a debate on athletics. The President of the Royal Spanish Federation of athletics (RFEA), Jose Maria Odriozola, said Wednesday that the athlete Marta Dominguez, exculpada doping, can return to the Vice-Presidency of the body when you want to. I talked to her on Tuesday and when you want to return to be Vice-President, because a suspension was prudential has commented Odriozola in Malaga capital on the occasion of the presentation of the Championship of Spain of athletics. The President of the Spanish Athletics Federation would be proud that the Palencia returned as a member of the Federal Agency.

Presentation of the Championship of Spain Odriozola Wednesday attended the presentation of the Spain Championships in Malaga, that is held on 6 and 7 August, in the stadium of Athletics city of Malaga, and that will count with the participation of nearly a thousand athletes. The participating athletes include Manuel Olmedo, Kevin Lopez, Juan Carlos Higuero, Espana Jesus, Antonio Jimenez Pentinel, Borja Vivas, Chema Martinez, Jesus Garcia Bragado and Nuria Fernandez, among others. The Championship of Spain, third time being held in Malaga (after the editions of 1995 and 2005), will be selectable for the Championship of the world of Daegu (Korea), from August 27 to September 4. The competition was presented in the Hall of mirrors of the city of Malaga, ceremony presided over by the Mayor, Francisco de la Torre, and Jose Maria Odriozola, and attended among others athletes Oscar Gonzalez and Borja Vivas. Source of the news: Odriozola: “When Marta Dominguez want to again be Vice-Chairperson of the Federation”

Third Reinforcement

The French player has committed for the next four seasons. The transfer was closed in ten million euros, what supposed to be the most expensive signing so far in the history of the club Malaga. This is the face transfer market next season. French midfielder Jeremy Toulalan, who comes from Olympique Lyon in their country, will be presented this Thursday as the third reinforcement from Malaga CF for next season, said the club. Toulalan, who is committed for the next four seasons, is the most expensive signing so far in the history of the Malaga club, which has set transfer in around ten million euros more in incentives two objectives. Midfielder Ignacio Monreal (Osasuna), where were some six thousand fans will have an act similar to the Dutch striker Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Hamburg), which was attended by approximately fifteen thousand people at La Rosaleda Stadium, and the dnsa. Malaga has first convened a Conference of press from 19.00 hours and a continuation Toulalan will jump to the turf of the stadium to go to gathered followers. The next presentation will be, if there is no change of plans, the Dutch dnsa Joris Mathijsen (Hamburg), to found of honeymoon after marriage in your country last Saturday. Source of the news: French Toulalan will be presented this Thursday as third reinforcement from Malaga

Spanish Republicans

According to Serrano, it’s a group is not numerically significant, but which does have a qualitative significance. The Gulag archipelago historian has highlighted the paradox of this episode in the history of the Franco regime which has as its protagonists a group of sailors and aspiring Spanish pilots of Republican ideology, that they ended up serving hard labor in some of the most significant fields of the 76 Soviet concentracionarios complex, known as the Gulag archipelago. It’s a group of young people arriving at the USSR with left-wing or communist ideas and who return to a dictatorship, Franco, but enchanted life because they had really punished them in such a way that they were happy to get out of Russia. The return of those who survived the gulag has two moments, one of them on April 2, 1954, when 38 of these internees came to Barcelona in a boat named Semiramis, which came aboard divisional 248, Blue Division, and these 38 Republicans, who gave a spectacular welcome. One million people from across Spain was to receive them, has told Serrano, who added that these young people had left the war singing the anthem of irrigation and return 13 years later in a boat which the soundtrack was the face to the Sun. He said, Franco’s regime used them propagandistically, received them when these 38 Spanish Republicans the same that to the Divisional and even has got a job to all.The second moment was when they returned to Spain with children of war, between 1956 and 1959. * You can buy books from Secundino Serrano at PopularLibros source of the news: A book reveals that 85% of the Spanish prisoners in the gulag Soviet survived