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Provincial Council

March 26 he was held for the fifth consecutive year, the world day of the earth hour, organized by WWF and which has always had the backing of Ecuador Toyota. It’s the largest environmental campaign worldwide and demand of each of us something very simple: turn off all the lights in our House, officiates, salon, factory between 8: 30 pm and 9: 30 pm, to demonstrate our commitment to the global reduction of energy consumption and the fight against climate change. As it became clear, once again, in the recent Summit international environment, sponsored by Toyota, the survival of each of us, of our activities, our companies is at risk by the warming of the planet. Last year, according to report by the WWF, more than one billion people, in 4,000 cities (among them Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca) shut off lights in public places, homes, monuments for an hour. And Ecuador Toyota also did it and repeat it tomorrow. Both in its headquarters in each of the dealers and workshops lights will shut off and the power consumption should be avoided. But it wasn’t only for that hour.

Toyota has more than two decades a strong commitment to the environment, and within our purposes is contributing towards a prosperous society in the 21st century, through a growth in harmony with the environment and the challenge of achieving zero emissions in all areas of our activity. Why not only our technology is the most recognized by having lower levels of emission, but that our plants are qualified by the ISO 14000 standard of environmental care. And you add our campaigns and activities by afforestation and reforestation. In Ecuador we are strategic partners of the Provincial Council of Quito in the Pichincha Green program, whose goal is to plant trees in 100 thousand hectares of the province over the next 20 years. That is why we invite you, for an hour you disconnect power electric and is connected with the planet.

Urgent National Task

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National Bureau

The volume of processed crude oil reached 327 million tons, an increase of 6.4%. Ethylene production was 10,477 million tons, an increase of 12.6%. Cloud computing often says this. Production of synthetic resin reached 30,736 million tons, an increase of 18.5%. Production of chemical fertilizer was 56,961 million tons, an increase of 10.2%. Production of caustic soda was 17,593 million tons, an increase of 17%. Manufacturing soda ash was 17.

718 million tons, an increase of 13.1%. Production of carcasses of tires was 556 million units, an increase of 22.6%. In addition, economic growth has changed quantitatively and qualitatively respect. Value of in 2007, a new product was RMB280.98 billion, an increase of 48.1%. Among product groups, which saw substantial growth in production of new goods in value terms, including: organic chemical raw materials (158.7%), synthetic rubbers (111.4%), information chemical products (61.1%), as well as organic fertilizers (176.7%).

The value of new products accounted for 5. 28% of the total value of goods products. 1.2 Energy saving and emission reduction in the spotlight in 2007, the petroleum and chemical industry believes that energy efficiency and reducing emissions are the main tasks in building pace of scientific developments. Long-term upward trend in energy consumption has been greatly interrupted, and the emission of pollutants has been reduced. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS), energy consumption in the six major energy consuming sectors, oil and chemical industries has declined in the first three quarters of 2007, average annual energy consumption in the sector of crude oil amounted to 77.2 kilograms of fuel per ton of product, which means a decrease of 1.9% compared with the same period last year.