Ambrosio Wine

Step ranches old adobe and very nice house, crossed the village Spa, I follow up, and it seems that I’m going to admit to the mountain. The road gets more sinuous, when I finally see the place looks like dream. To enter you have to cross a small stream that I allows to appreciate this magnificent place, full of vegetation and with a stunning image of the Champaqui in the background. I can’t take all the peace which gives me this town, I feel that all you knew is left out, I am in a unique place, frozen in time. I invite you to take a walk on the path of Ambrosio, a path of stones, crossing small rivers and pools of crystalline water.

I came to know approximately how many settlers originating and San Javier Yacanto, which reused to modernity and continue with their old traditions and customs. See them in the grocery stores with their horses… Back in the square I am to drink a glass of wine in one of the busiest bar tables, and Joseph, a not-so-native inhabitant sits at my table but it already has a few years living there. A bit the story me of all this area and named me with pride, the new characters who began to visit them for a short time: talk to me about Fito Paez and Cecilia Roth, Fernan You Miras, tells me with her cordovan tune are a Vip village,…that reach up to gringos from Europe to see this wonder… And that tells me is a reality, you see a people mixed among natives and foreign, something that until 5 years ago was unthinkable.

Where some famous choose for their holidays. You are already falling overnight and plaza is seen going on, with its fair of crafts, walks and looks that I am lucky because there is a penalty tonight in the courtyard of the Church with empanadas and wine. After that long night, I wake up with a serrano breakfast that fills me with energy, after a dip in the pool, and a small tour around the green space of the cabins. Owners are waiting me with a mountain goat and a good wine. Don’t know how to thank them so much hospitality, did me spend a few very special days. No doubt already I am thinking again and stay longer, but slowly my head back to thinking about the routine and the work that luckily I could put them aside in this beautiful journey. Source:, the site dedicated to the promotion of tourist accommodation of type cabins, cabins with Spa, Lodges, Bungalows and Aparts, ABC1 sector-oriented.


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