Very own shirts fashion: individual shirt yourself make the advantage ensures own style if you want to make his shirt himself, is already before the actual design and design on the hand: individually it will be a personal chic, the otherwise certainly no one wears. Notice the colorful motif or the cheeky logo should, so you should go to already planning with these standards. That means, for example, that the choice of colour should be kept full of contrast otherwise a good motive is probably lost in the color test. Applies to the colors in the shirt itself make it also the offered methods of pressure to bear in mind. Therefore, some shades and too many different colours are technically not always possible. Can remedy then, for example, a screening method for the first design, with the gradients and shades just consist of points in the primary colors.

However, the technique is now far advanced: crisp clear photos on the shirt no problem is more also. Film prints and other modern techniques can be completely free hand in the shirt yourself, and lettering in filigree pleadings be cut exactly by means of plotters. It should be clear that the next band shirt, Abifeier-shirt or party shirt should be yourself, because the right recognition comes only with the unique, so to speak even tailored wardrobe. But crisp gift for birthday, Christmas or as little attention as a himself designed T-Shirt or Hoodie warming in winter keeps here really well. The design on the taste of the gift is perfect, nothing can go wrong, and the stylish garment is guaranteed to be the favorite part. Remains of course the possibility to make a shirt yourself just for mood and enjoy the creative works. The limits there, where the own imagination ceases, and there a lot of cool ideas can quickly fill the wardrobe.