American National Treasury

The greenback’s trade as of today is as follows. The dollar failed to maintain profits, after recovery was observed The volumes improved after the break technical levels were broken Night view It is estimated that the dollar strengthened on Monday for the Monday All times EASTERN (-4 GMT) 11:30 am, Fisher, a member of the FOMC, will speak will be a day without significant publications. The USD finished the week under great pressure, since the various measures announced by the Federal Reserve failed to boost the U.S. currency. All other major currencies reached highs during the trading session at night, and even the New York session, after the London Fix and operators were not interested in buying dollars. Despite the possible reform in the American financial sector, despite assurances that aims to provide the American National Treasury together with the Federal Reserve, really, little progress was observed, and many analysts believe that ads should realize expressed through concrete action, before the greenback further compromised. Both currencies, namely the EUR and GBP, recorded maximum at the end of the day after the London Fix.

The maximum record book in the area of 1.8390, a weekly record on Friday, suggesting that the British currency will continue an upward trend next week. The euro also recovered, with values at the 1.4480 level, but it was enough to make a weekly record, both the GBP and the Euro ended the week with a 10% rise. Operating volumes have increased following the increase. The USD / JPY ranged from 108.03 to the 106.80, after the recovery of two volumes were low, however, when the pair reached 107.00, volumes improved.