Berlin Entertaiment

A musical encounter with Katharina Thalbach and Andreja Schneider and Christoph-Israel Sextet musical-comedy musical-comedy 2. 13 January 2013, Tue – sat 20:00; “So 19: 00 Katharina Thalbach, as actress and Director, a staple of theater, Opera and film landscape, and Andreja Schneider actress and singer fixed size of the bar of any reason, give the classical plot of the narrative art of boy meets girl” as the beginning of a love story: the positive, always young, carefree Loreley (Schneider) keeps the sleazy, depressed, not facing the life and love Joachim (Thalbach) spontaneously from one night on the way home, to bring down a bank. They are accompanied by fine and thoughtful by Christoph Israel Sextet, led by harp and piano, sing alone, twosome, together and in a Duet, German folk songs, pop, punching and operetta melodies. Lorelei can indeed do not iron, but Kiss, and Joachim discovered new passions that hurt! Since Katharina Thalbach guest appearance at pension Schneider”in the bar of any reason it was clear for the two to create a shared favorite song program. From the Zupfgeigenhansl’ to operetta Director they were looking for, from Evelyn Kunneke Hannes wader take some space on the bench in the game of love. By: Andreja Scheider (Loreley) and Katharina Thalbach (Joachim), part of Mikulicz (Director) and Arne Bass (costume) Christoph Israel (arrangements, musical direction and piano), Simonetta GANAPATHY (harp), Emanuel Captain (drums), Anna Carewe (cello), Jurgen Schafer (double bass), Rahel Rilling (violin) and others. Further informations under card phone 030-883 15 82 or cards including all fees: Presale 24.50 / 29.50 box-office 21.50 / 26.00 student tickets at the box office 12.50 Press Office BAR of any reason / TEPEE at the Chancellery Sabine Wenger Tel. 030-390 665 65 Sandra Basenach Tel. 030-390-665-66 –