International Labour Organisation

CSR in SMEs to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), CSR, is the set of actions that companies take into consideration that their activities have a positive impact on society and affirm the principles and values that govern both in their own internal methods and processes as they relate to other actors. SMEs, especially in the case of Venezuela, left much to be said in regard to their CSR, all because for a start, many of his manager, unaware of what CSR represents, scope, impact. Adding to this, lack of organizational culture, not be clear which involves selling a product, carry out activities in an environment and establish lines of action that promote CSR to achieve its purpose, benefits everyone. Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines. They ignore many managers of SMEs, CSR is a set of policies, practices, programs that are integrated in all processes of business operations and in their decision making. But some companies have realized that these practices increase and create a positive image of the company.

It also says that an effective CSR strategy by the company can gain competitive and also a social, economic and environmental positive. Other leaders such as Rory Sutherland offer similar insights. It is increasingly necessary for businesses, through its management are identified with representing adequately manage corporate social responsibility, especially in an environment where their role should be fully identified with this responsibility. It should be clearly aware that the corporate social responsibility is a combination of legal, ethical, moral and environmental issues, and is a voluntary decision, not imposed, although there is some regulations on the issue. .