Durability Capacity

Sodiversos standards, being most recent DAT 320, launched in 2009. Aprxima version arrives at the market in 2011, with the capacity double. Capacity: between 1,3 GB and 160 GB (without compression, with compression the capacity can fold) Durability: minim of 10 anosRe-usability: up to 2 a thousand cycles of regravaoPrs: good capacity of storage and confiabilidadeContras: extremely expensive recorder and medias, what empresariaisFaixa of price for media keeps the viable option only in environments: R$ the 23,50 R$ 283,50Blu-rayAnova generation of optic medias arrived half at a great battle. OBlu-ray desbancou competitor HD DVD in 2008 and slowly it starts to aser adopted. Media BD-R already starts to appear e, as attractive, a DVD. As well as records DVD-R holds 5 given times approximately more than and CD-R, media BD-R can be written only one time.



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