Zeppelin Baumaschinen Gmb

All versions had been improved by the universal up to the Heavy use spoons. The products are also the result of close cooperation of cat engineers and the customers who are active around the world in various fields. The spoons are designed so that they take advantage of the increased performance of hydraulic excavator, said during the press event. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. The strength was increased compared to the previous series spoons. Continue to product manager pointed to latest manufacturing techniques, which allow for precise fit and proper function.

The right balance between material properties and strengths increase the efficiency of the spoon. This one give longer life and lower fuel consumption per tonne in similar capacity, said during the presentation of the attachments. Caterpillar offer standard spoon for hydraulic excavators in four classes, was stressed during the performance. Durability of the spoon when used for the recommended applications and materials be characteristic for each class. The spoon of the various classes of durability are available for direct bolt fastening or for use with a quick change facility. In the images of spoons, the Red areas mark the extra wear protection increasing from class to class, it said.

While the cat was 374 d at bauma in Munich in the spotlight, the international building press on the edge of a quarry got an insight into the power of the big unit. At the presentation, even the cat 390D made a “good figure”. More digging and pulling force than the predecessor of 385 C, stressed Frank Witt, product manager of Zeppelin Baumaschinen GmbH L give the improved construction of the working hydraulic system 390D the new model clearly. The main pressure for the working hydraulics of the new model has been increased almost ten percent more than in the 385C. The larger operating pressure leads to nine percent more digging force. The increased breakout force provides for a faster Tomb excavation and shorter load cycles, as well as for a better performance in quarries.



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