Wilhelm Reich

Copied article of the GOOGLE! The harness to neuromuscular of the character and orgasmo Reich observed that emotions and thoughts always have physical equivalents and vice versa. An emotion always brings obtains change in the circulation of the bioenergia related the muscular contractions located and modifications in the breath and the physical position. This happens, for example, in a fear situation: the body suffers different physiological alterations (increase of the cardiac beating, muscular dilatao of pupils, contractions etc.) necessary to one better reply to the threat. This is a natural mechanism of adaptation the different stimulatons. But, if an individual will be submitted since infancy the continuous situations of fear or unreliability, the natural physiological transformations, instead of circumstantial, tends if to crystallize of unconscious form. What it would have to happen in specific situations becomes continuous in the life of the person, creating itself, then, a muscular structure and of characteristic position that determines its skill to be in the world: its character. omas neurotics as creative, sexual and affective phobias, anguish, depression, anxiety, incompetences and impotncias.

For Reich, the harness to neuromuscular of the character is the physical expression of the neurosis. In clinical comments, Reich obtained a natural and biological, available agent to the man, capable to dissolve this defensive armor and to restitute, thus the free flow of vital energy. This In the analysis of the character, Reich perceived that a destructive trend in the people had origin in the lack of sexual satisfaction and that, a reacquired time the fullness of the pleasure, such characteristics disappeared. Read more from baby clothes to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Moreover, it verified that the inhibition of the sexual excitement increased estase of excitement, and this, an increased time, weakened the capacity of the organism to reduce proper estase. The organism, thus, acquired the fear of excitement, that if presented always as sexual anguish. The man, fruit of this society, as Reich lived the pleasure basically from fear.



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