What Do I Need As A Chef Trainee On Professional Equipment?

decided the right chef clothing and equipment for professional chefs to a training as a chef, the question soon: what do I need professional equipment? The chef jackets were typical as chef clothing. When working in the kitchen is always to be expected that one or the other splashes causing stains. Therefore, you should have good reserve. Chef jackets because it is certainly not every day would like to wash, it should be 3-5 for a safe launch. A standard jacket in long-sleeved version, typically in 100% cotton sure is a good choice.

Important here – chef jackets are sold as standard without buttons. The buttons are so-called spherical buttons which are connected much like cuff links through the button holes. Here you should settle as a trainee with a 12-standard Pack in white. Of course are great colors when the chef jackets and buttons – for the launch as is, however, a modest white sure look good. Just when the chef’s jacket then a While in use are, it happens that the spherical buttons every now and then slips out the now slightly expanded buttonholes.

There are button bars (see picture on the left) which will be set up on the back of the head holes and to provide more stability. Triangle scarves used as scarves should be bought best triple as well as boats. So should be well over a week. But the typical chef clothing chef pants is just as important as the chef’s jacket. As a trainee you should the standard version in pepita black and white (see image with swatch right) choose. An elasticated waistband which ensures sufficient freedom of movement is ideal. So the chef pants didn’t “colour is embellished at the first usage of the kitchen”, one should wear adequate cooking aprons (called also before binder) in any case. The sizes 45 x 80 or 60 x 80 are ideal.

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