Votorantim Bank

It is the index of Basileia that it determines how much of proper capital financial institution has that to have to load the risk of its operations of credit. According to BC, exactly in the scene of crisis of as the semester of 2008, the index of Basileia went up. In the average, it passed of 15,5% for 17,5%, influenced for factors as the agio in the occured incorporations and fusing in the period, the constitution of credit tributary and some normative changes. The test demonstrated that, exactly in an extreme scene, the index of Basileia would be inside of the internationally accepted standard, even so inferior to the adopted one in Brazil. In this sufficiently bad scene, it would lower for 10,7%, still superior percentage to 8% recommended internationally.

The tests of estresse come being made for the BC since 2002. Monthly, 100 financial institutions participate more than. Other surveys that evaluate the volume of liquidity of the institutions, considering the impacts caused for oscillations in the exchange, interests and in the deposit levels, had demonstrated that the banks had kept, throughout according to semester, resources enough to make front to its commitments. In accordance with the report, the adequate conduction of the economic policies and monetary contributed to minimize the consequences of the crisis in financial sector e, for extension, in the productive sectors of the country.Fusing ajudaramEntre the causes of the good result is the fusing and incorporations since the beginning of the crisis – the Ita if fundiu with the Unibanco, the Bank of Brazil acquired Our Box and half of the Votorantim Bank. This strengthened the patrimonies of these institutions, that are the two greaters of the country. The BC standed out, however, that all the operations already were foreseen before the turbulence and, therefore, they had not meant changes in the strategy of the banks in function I shake of it.



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