Venezuelan Puzzles

It is necessary to say to them to the compatriots of the political system who we are going to establish when it spends the intervening period and as we are going to do with the economic system that of this derives and as we are once and for all going to take off to the total use of the 21st century. We must begin by the unit, down, in our Venezuelan being. There is no another unit. This is the unit. We must specify to them as we are going to obtain the transition. It is necessary to notice to them that to limit itself the electoral act it is a trampeado Sudoku.

One goes away or one does not go away to elections if they comprise of a strategy, because when the elections are they themselves the strategy falls in a dissapointing aberration called electioneering that does not allow explanation some or mathematical justification. Perhaps we must live the deception like the detonating that allows the country to stop being a puzzle to return to constitute itself in nation. Perhaps, but the lessons of the resolvers of Sudoku must serve us to understand once and for all that unit is the town with a decision in the hand, one that happens to resist until to resist it becomes synonymous of action. When he is himself a boy watches itself at the puzzle like a very difficult and almost impossible task. When it has been acquired the maturity puzzles are not made already because the puzzles disappear before the horrifying force of the will reunited in beam. I speak of the political puzzles, because I take care of them, not of the puzzles who have castles and you foretell, magicians and arlequines or images of cities of mythology. Less I take care of Sudoku, resolute already in the Law of Electoral Procedures.

I call to the unit. I am an in favor faithful of the unit. The unit is an imperative. There is no another unit. This is the unit. We stop being a puzzle, we look for the metamorphosis, the unexpected thing. This is the unit.



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