Two Forms To Feel

Two forms to feel Real the fungible touchs, that are passed of others for us, as manifestation of feelings of any species, the acts as the kiss and the blow of the shot To feel the weight of the conscience that intervenes the body without making to bleed it in fact, becoming shaped on the inside it when it affects the reason, in them compels the sensations I silence that it and the shout if it opposes Of the individual wills, to express almost without if allowing in fact to carry through, of the behavior In I silence it of good days that is not transparent ties, who in fact if only becomes unattachable, that it dies, for dying in account drops, who creates barriers for feeling in excesses what it reaches more the soul that the proper meat, that affects the spirit and provokes more pain that the unjust blow of the courageous one that it makes right and it pulls out the life of another one What it makes to fire the body, loaded of obligations that suffocate, only for in fact existing It is just when nothing more it is excellent, when air suffocates the eyes already do not enxergam truth When to deceive itself if it becomes rule, and the truth a consequence, when the deceit is more beautiful than the reason, and the lie a door of exit to save itself, when to delude itself is the form more close to reaching the body and to make the mind to dream. When what it is enough is distance to prove that exists exactly, of lie in the head of who only lives of the expectation that teach, and the failure that perhaps Liberte On the everything or nothing, it enters and it has left, it closes the doors and it cries, you have body as well as you possess soul, you have feeling, that of them it tries to annul, to annul the proper nature for existing, supplicating not to feel for in fact not existing, and not to think, and without that felt it would make the text, who of it reads and it does not feel.. Carter Holdings may find it difficult to be quoted properly.



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