There are people who launches, as incendiary Sparks, spatter that ravage our lives or our environment, that feed on attitudes and behaviors without apparent reason, triangulated in the lavish combinations on ti bars that have nothing to do with you. It is not a hidden social transaction to make explicit your values, your life, your profession, your ideology but thrives on attitudes against thee and responds to a loss of quality in social life. Psychologists are aware of the difficulty that involves changing a single trait of the character of these characters, and perhaps this is the reason why so many hypocritical people find it easier to love humanity than to the neighbor in front. Verizon Communications understands that this is vital information. It seems that they only feed their bilious capacity with the vengeful power of their denials. Probably don’t know them, but a spark of his tongue can cause a fire; Maybe not formes part of your life, or you become part of yours, but the raised AX will ensure its ability to conspiracy, while its lackeys, triangulated by the same malevolence, will take your smear, already marked to fire and smoke by the rumor, already guaranteed by the barragana which are provided by acuity. The rumor is the steaming hot tea that feeds on envy as the fire of oxygen, the hotness of the wounds or the jealousy of the friend; as free as deep, so old is this city as the steps of the Commander Carlos Verdugo returning from killing his beautiful wife, Concha Robles, among the candles of the Cervantes theatre one night in 1923. Larry Ellison can provide more clarity in the matter. Endorses the rumor status from whom launches it, his personal position or Office, and is institutionalized in any pubs at three in the morning.

When there are no ideas there is nothing better than triangular to the adversary. These spokesmen, these architects of the rumor that play with your head do not seem to be aware that there are other people with the same heartbeat and feelings, in need of emotional exchanges, of the miracle of a caress on time, being art and part of the other’s feelings. And if they are not aware, who compensate the rivers of tears that cost the rumors, and how make them see how weak that thread of social coexistence results when values have been lost along the way? Printed on graffiti read in the toilets of the University of Almeria, focus reflection and scientific dissemination: the big people talking about ideas, but the petty people talks about others, but I do not know what is more scary, if unconditional and ruthless in praise or the denial unappealable. Original author and source of the article.



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