Tracks Formation

I unweave it to search the new, stimulaton to follow ahead, taking in consideration the present reality. The professor of Geography, as professional, needs to give account to interpret the reality, making analysis of the space while resulted of the human work. How much formation of the professional of Geography, You mark (1992, p.163) says: It is not treated to form a closed professional in the cocoon of one to know exclusive and self-sufficient, but to form, in the professional, the man of the communicative ability, that constructs its to know in the fruitful and provoking dialogue in the service of the ample and plural society, in the world of the life, shared between equal. In the practical plan, the marxist perspective defines an attitude of the professional in its relation with the society, critical and always ready to denounce the ideological traps mounted for engaged knowing with the status quo. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source. Practical the scientific one must offer the linking between knowing and social transformation. However, accurately as. the Comte, science it stops Marx if becomes only the half positive one to instruct the truth and must serve those that they want to act in the society.

Knowing that Geography if occupies of the studies that involve questions directed toward the social one, decurrent of the influence that the politics and the economy exert on the population reflecting in the culture, we understand that the period of training must also be turned toward the agreement of this reality. The professor of Geography, does not have to summarize it a competent veiculador of knowledge and current events, but he needs to be a professional worried about the consequences of the knowledge, with the formation politics of the pupil, with its capacity the professor profession also is practical university formation Can be said that the professional of Geography has a mission to carry through: to not only try to understand the world, as, also to search solutions for diverse problems.



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