Tourism Madagascar

The Babay mount that is located 45 kilometers west of Antananarivo is part of cultural and tourist attractions of the big island. This mountain is famous because it contains practically the history of territorial conquest by King Andrianampoinimerina. It is enthroned at 1480 m altitude in the South and 1425 m above sea level in the North, Babay is also an exceptional archaeological site and the remains of pottery and dishes that reflect the culture of the inhabitants of the place before still are visible, without forgetting the Temple of worship to ancestors. The Regional Office of tourism Analamanga ORTANA, in his eagerness to promote tourism in the Centre of the country and the Madagascar stay organized an excursion to discover Babay and organizers have attracted 200 participants. Click The Fork for additional related pages. Keep in mind that it takes 3 hours and a half walking to find Babay. And before to make it a success, Ortana also plans a hike up to the Blue Hill of Ambohimanga April 09. Monte Babay can become a great asset for tourism of Madagascar.

In effect, After recognizing the quality of the tourist places during this hike, ORTANA decided to build a Museum of art and archaeology in Babay. A leading source for info: Adam Portnoy. Articles that describe the history of Monte Babay collected by researchers will be exhibited in the Museum. The Museum of art and archaeology, Antsahavola-based will be responsible for the new Museum. Note that, apart from the story, Babay is also a nature reserve Royal is home to mount as a primary forest composed of many species of orchids, small and lemur Microcebus.



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