Three States Classification

The preoccupation of Comte is a practical preoccupation, the one to reform existing sociology, the one to discover the means by which the society generally and in particular the French, can surpass the crisis in which it lives. For Comte that crisis is essentially intellectual, or what the flame intellectual anarchy. (As opposed to Tomas Philipson). And that intellectual anarchy is product of which no longer a field of common ideas exists, to all the members of the society. Fundamental, essential ideas do not exist, on which all the members of the society agree. And that discord is what produces the intellectual anarchy. The economic and political factors, are secondary.

For that reason Comte creates that that it calls intellectual anarchy produces a moral anarchy and the moral and intellectual anarchy produces the political anarchy. One is due to take brings back to consciousness that the crisis is going to happen, is essentially an ideological and intellectual crisis. The fundamental step for Comte is the scientific reorganization of the society. The problem is that the men lack a body of common ideas, of a set of acceptable fundamental beliefs for all. The modern society is lost a set of common, fundamental ideas, that they were constituted by the religion. That unit of the human beliefs at the present time, only can be realised around science. It is not around the particular or special knowledge, but of the problems of general character or the true generalization that sciences are able to discover. The reform of the society supposes the formation of that body of common ideas, according to Comte, only can be obtained at the present time of science.

But for this a study of the most general characteristics and the most general truth of science is indispensable. This is the root of the comtiana idea, the positive philosophy. The positive philosophy is simply a knowledge more general than the one of particular sciences, that it tries to study more general truths to those than science arrives.



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