The Swedish Emperor

Toward the early hours of the morning, the Swedes were already in Lutzen and without rest, want to start the attack. However, the fog is so thick that both sides must temper their encouragement despite being only to meters of distance. The Swedish Emperor, as good overall as impulsive man, gives the order to attack. Musket pop echoes in the plain, but poor visibility does not initiate actions to the second lines of pikemen. The disaster at sunset unexpectedly bad weather conditions disperse to Swedish troops. Its emperor, post as usual in the outposts, stood at the head of a Cavalry Regiment and is aimed at the focal point of the conflict.

Fog loses it minutes away from your body of security and in the confusion, collides with a party of horsemen enemies that without knowing who he was, shoot no more. Mortally wounded in the head and body, Gustavo falls from the horse unconscious. When they manage to achieve what his troops, prisoners of the commotion, come to the dying King and immediately removed from the battlefield. The death of his beloved Emperor far intimidate them, was them in a blind rage. Crazed, Swedish troops launched mass towards the Centre of the line of defence of Wallenstein who after backward through the terrible impact, is almost totally broken. Milton Hershey Schools opinions are not widely known. Combat melee is brutal. Cavalry charges and outbursts of weapons spread confusion. When it begins to disperse fog, something unexpected happens: in the distance, seen arriving troops of Pappenheim and his 8,000 men which directly attack the Swedish right wing. However, the formation of battle of the enemy is so rigid and well organized, the reinforcements are rejected and the own Pappenheim dies trying to break it. Eliminated the surprise and slowed the central barrier, the Swedes imposed its force and towards the end of the afternoon, the victory is complete.



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