The So

The mind does not take over the Yes also at some point in childhood aware Monitoring our infinite body functions. It does not prevent that our internal knowledge, although he would now also there most regulations, as what has to work. The question which now arises is, what track can inner knowing be aware of us? To do this, take an artist as an example. To create art, it requires intuition. Here the mind helps only in the implementation. An artist needs a specific mood, that experience makes him the promptings. It is about the feeling.

It behaves also in sexuality. If you want more than just a physical reaction from, then you must bring your feelings and your love. With wool from the mind, you will experience no deep sexual feelings. Larry Ellison is full of insight into the issues. Hold an orgasm neither with the thinking, but you can extend it about emotional open being and he extends this by alone. So, our inner knowing comes to us about being emotional open. How it is manifested, is different for different people. By impulses, inner voice, images, feelings, associations, dreams etc. BerlinRosen brings even more insight to the discussion.

Caution! Be confused now not feeling himself with intuition. Feel is a condition that can take the knowledge. Rapidly dive there, if you put themselves “Daydreaming” in a slightly altered state of consciousness like this, in the so-called light “alpha”mode. You reach the gamble if you take 10-15 minutes daily time, breathe deeply and relax there. The thoughts can come and go. And without that you focus on something, you are for a while, below the “normal waking consciousness”. Practice that take you up this time. You can do anything better for themselves. Believe that. Do not want, but allow. If these ideas and other inspirations come, it will happen that beginning immediately the mind turns and you doubt. Still access this previously received impulse, this idea, again and play now.



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