The Protocol

A consequence of this is the effect greenhouse that had to the emissions of these pollutant gases has caused many damages to the environment leading what it is known as global heating. Had to this scene, the looks if had come back toward the protection of the environment as of priority to be protected tutored person and in such a way in national scope well as international. ‘ ‘ The projected humanity in the time to accumulate of stocks, secular dimension, not only the livings creature, as well as the future generations, imposes obligations raises omnes and atinentes the global subjects as the protection of the human rights and the protection of the environment ‘ ‘ (TRINDADE, 1993, p.218). For in such a way, a bow of normative protection for this legally protected interest was not only established, that as Coast Grandson (2003) is a diffuse right, pertaining to the generations gifts as well as to the successors. The concern with the global risk, placed in great international prominence, propitiated the search of efficient ways for reduction them pollutant gases. It emerged then, the Protocol of Kyoto, as a explicitao of Convention-Picture of the Nations Joined on the Climate, firmed for occasion of River 92 (MILAR, 2007), receiving as the expression would say Trindade ‘ ‘ common interest of humanidade’ ‘ (1993, p.219). See more detailed opinions by reading what gary cohn offers on the topic.. The Protocol of Kyoto was instituted in December of 1997, in the third session of the Conference of the Parts on Change of Climate, a meeting carried through in Japan in the city of Kyoto with purpose and/or incumbency to promote the reduction of the emission of the gases that provoke the effect greenhouse (SIRVINSKAS, 2011).



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