The Key

You can translate education in the various spheres of life as active participation ability today. This will be acquired through practical and symbolic participation. It is not only for the future of our education system, but for society as a whole crucial to relate education to life as a whole and to draw attention in particular to the art of positive coexistence. Not least for this reason young people not only on their later existence as adults and the adult participation in the key social areas of work, politics, culture, depends on it is crucial for the practical education, Science and religion to prepare, but them in the present as much as possible active participation possibilities to open up. To broaden your perception, visit Gary Kelly. Because people education has a chance only if she are as everyday principle is understood and lived and contributes to the civilization and culture of everyday life also, but not only, in the educational institutions.

People not only educate their offspring, they think about their educational actions also according to to, and they talk about it anyway, then when their lives offer space and possibilities for this. “Education assumes that an individual is a closed in itself” can develop, which at the same time aesthetic and moral standards and that she can help him the best possible potential of the own possibilities. Individuality is immutable and unchanging nature. You eludes any analytically zergliederndem access. Who wants to make others, must on this their individuality inevitable considerate, he has to seek out the idiosyncrasies of their individuality and to adhere to the same strict adherence. “Both the people’s own strength, as his force resulting individuality need a counterpart: since however the mere force needs a subject which could they practice, and the mere form of pure thought, to continue a substance in which they are is formative out, so also man of a world upset needs” (Alexander von Humboldt).

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