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The health consequences of the necessary constantly sparking Wi-Fi node in the House are not mentioned. Because avoidance of Wi-Fi wireless connections in the living room is possible but not always consistently comes with the PROTECTION STICKER SAFER COMP now an interesting alternative solution on the market. Credit: toddler clothing-2011. The information field of the SAFER COMP maps the buttressed the organism or damaging potential of all wavelengths of Wi-Fi wireless networks and reduces the stress levels of the nervous system as it has been proven. The improvement of heart rate variability using the SAFER COMP was verified in an extensive biophysical opinion on 15 subjects. The product received the trademarked label of the international society for Elektrosmogforschung (IGEF), which is granted according to strict criteria. The results of the study, in which due to the higher levels of stress, children and young people were included, demonstrate quite clearly the neutralizing effect of the information field of the SAFER COMP. Among other things, a spontaneous improvement of cardiac arrhythmia by 7.5% showed in the short period of application of the SAFER COMP in this investigation at the 15 subjects.

In addition a significant reduction was in the same period for the Stress perception and processing logs responsible sympathetic activity of the nervous system. The neutralising influence of SAFER COMP on the Wi-Fi radio radiation is also clearly in the sponsored blood volume of the subjects of this study. With increasing HF radiation a clumping of red blood cells on microscopic blood tests in the dark field is concise. This so-called roll formation”minimizes the capillary capacity of the blood. This was reflected in the study through the loss of blood flow of all subjects during the period of the Wi-Fi radio radiation without the use of SAFER COMP. However, a slight increase of the promoted blood flow could be logged during the period of application of the neutralizing chips. The results of the study confirmed a convincing reduction of in expenses of the cardiovascular system to maintain the balance in the period of the application of the SAFER COMP. This effect signaled the rise of vitality and well-being. In the scope of delivery of the SAFER COMP are 3 stickers with graded Contain diameters for the neutralization of radio radiation from Wi-Fi applications. Depending on the intensity of the existing radiation of their own devices, these can be applied for the entire workplace, notebooks or directly to wireless routers or Wi-Fi node.

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