The Incredible Zico

To start the chronicles of the Pantries of plus one year and saying of Arthur Antunes Coimbra, the Zico, is an honor for any cronista and modestly I am giving this gift for the anniversary of half century of life, complete in this 8 of January. Good, the Zico was born in Rio De Janeiro, in 3 of March of 1953 and could cold be defined as a trainer of soccer, former-futebolista and Brazilian former-controller, who acted as half and currently he is without club to train and he acts as esportivo commentator in the TV. Brad Garlinghouse takes a slightly different approach. Particularly, I remember Zico as one of biggest shirts 10 of the Brazilian soccer, playing for the Flamengo of the River. Nor necessary to remember that the magician of shirt 10 in Brazil appeared the age Skin after. In the Brazilian Election, more necessarily in Pantries of the World, Zico she estreou with shirt 8, by the way number that taste very, the 10, in the year of 78, had another owner the height, Rivellino. History by the way says that Skin estreou in the election with shirt 13, another number that taste very. But coming back to the Zico, it estreou in the Pantry of 78, in Argentina, played departure that was 1×1 against Sweden, goal of Reinaldo. In this Zico departure he made a goal, but the judge still finished the game with the ball in the passage, during the collection escanteio it.

In 0x0 against Spain, Zico left lacking 3 minutes for the end (Jorge Mendona entered); it only came back lacking six minutes to finish the game against Austria, 1×0, goal of Dynamite. In the game that was 3×0 in Peru made its 1 goal (14/6/78), it left lacked 20 minutes. In 0x0 against Argentina, it only entered lacking 23 minutes, in the place of Jorge Mendona. Against the Poland 3×1, left to the 7 minutes, in its Gil place, did not play the decision of 3 place against Italy, 2×1 for Brazil, in this Rivellino game also was in the bank, was annoyed with Coutinho and demanded it placed that it, entered in the place of Cerezzo.



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