The Income

To delay the occurrence of this picture, the strategical one more used consists of ingesting carboidratos before and during the exercise. Consumiz them soon after the ending of the activity also is important, therefore if they must restitute with rapidity the reserves of glycogen before posterior efforts. It is standed out that to supply more carboidratos it means to increase the income in the exercises (BONCI, 1993). The accurate way as the depletion of the reserves of carboidratos leads to the installation of the fatigue well is not known. However, since the beginning of this century it is given credit two main possibilities: occurrence of hipoglicemia and/or length of the process of muscular contraction because of the inadequate supply of energy, called peripheral fatigue (MCARDLE, KATCH & KATCH, 1998). It is clearly, however, that the biggest one offers of carboidrato during the drawn out exercise intense improves the income.

According to BONCI (2003), the success in races of long distance is resulted of a combination of training, recovery, feeding and strategical of adequate hidratao. A corridor of deep not only trains during hours as well as more than makes a session of training per day. The adjusted alimentary choice as well as a good hidratao will go to potencializar the force, the speed and the resistance during the training. Interesting it is the fact of that men and women fundista, do not use the energy supplies in the same way. Fundistas women as well as possesss a tax of metabolism of lesser rest in any intensity of carried through exercise and consequentemente they use a bigger ratio of lipdios as energy substratum, that can help to prevent the depletion of the glycogen (BONCI, 1993). The women also they seem to use lesser amount of amino acids and glycogen during the exercise when compared with the men. Thus a greater arrives in port of glycogen by means of the increase of the consumption of carboidratos can not be effective for the women (BONCI, 1993).



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