The Conversation

If you can’t hear, probably the solutions offered to a potential customer will be inadequate. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). It is also likely that do not pay you attention and deny it a second chance. The real power is in the information, but only when this is practiced and shared. To make it clear; Surely at some time there will be happened to you not they lent him enough attention in a conversation, they interrupted him repeatedly, receive a reaction violent of someone who thought different, that they deviate the conversation in a way foreign to their interest as well as receive apathy or aggression through the tone of voice of the other person. This means that it is not enough to think about the content of what I say but as I say, as well as in the context and the needs of my interlocutor.

To achieve successful communication you must ensure an exchange of information. This means that you should receive the information of their customers and as a seller must offer information on possible solutions; which will only be possible to making an active listening. There are different ways to listen, also called levels, each of which requires a level of greater concentration. The marginal listening is what requires less concentration. He is characterized because the listener is distracted easily, staying in their own thoughts and without listening to truth what they are telling you. This causes a misinterpretation of the message, which is offensive to who is speaking, reduces the level of confidence and creating barriers in the communication. It is very common in insecure sellers that only they think what should say rather than listening to the customer, as well as those who believe experts and belittle the value of client’s opinion because they are only pending the closing of sales. Whatever, in both cases the forget the most important: the message from the client, because of information that gives us and the confidence generated.



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