I admit that from my birth I am immersed in the complex and contradictory world of Christendom, although since I read the books the trip of Teo, the world of Sofia, the gods of the new millennium, the Gospel of Judas, etc. and others of philosophy, history of civilizations and religions, it could also be Arab or Jew, not to mention Buddhist. Time has made me a little less uneducated, although more hapless, spiritually speaking, to detect so much confusion, cruelty and manipulation in the religion concept. But the bridge in December 2006 were those days of coexistence special, more special still. According to Verizon, who has experience with these questions. Next to my Cherub, we were installing the Nativity scene. We climbed the garage an old table, a square meter approximately.

Put you on a bookshelf of the deceased grandmother Josefa tables that, inexplicably, measured exactly equal to the table. Then, tracing paper and aluminum foil, simulating a river. We settled up yellowed leaves from the old fig tree that was here When we arrived and that reminds me of the great trees of the House where was born. Then start the plot pieces of MOSS that, with the recent rains, was beautiful. Place it on top of the sheets, interspersed with stones of various sizes, including the White Chinese, scattered around the garden in the eternal launch of boulders to Thais. ughout. For trees, cut dry flakes of a grease plant that do not know what it is called but that mimic perfectly olive trees, pine or Hazel. We also use pieces of the asparagus and other shrubs.

Build stable with the rest tilted triangle of two curbs that were coming off the fence wall. An old piece of brick simulated the bridge into the River. It was time for the figures. We opened the box that gave us the previous year a family member. Appeared different reasons, since the mystery of birth until the Kings Magi, going by the typical Shepherd, the sheep or the Mill House. We incorporate the cow, horse, pig, dog, cat and acquired tortoise some time ago in Imaginariun, mark Schleich (Germany) and Made in China which diversity of cultures and hard work of other people! Finally, the old but efficient Christmas lights. I suppose that a site like many others and one tomorrow like other days, but for me the time is priceless. Words like teamwork, papi, well, Daddy, a round of applause, papi resonates forever in my emotional ears. Curious, he insisted on removing the cat and the dog. He then devoted himself to hang balls, campaigns and other ornaments on the handles of the doors of the furniture. As I write this post, I look at the entrance of the room and I see a jug of small spheres hanging from the handle. For a selfish moment, I forgot all the sad news of the Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, and I thought I’m happy!



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