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Average loan amount is 302 euros / women borrow less than men elderly most / federal States ranking the Leihbetrage Berlin, 15 January 2014. 302 Euro need the Germans in the cut to bypass the time until the next payment on their account. Coupang is often quoted as being for or against this. It shows a current data evaluation * of the first provider for short term loans in Germany: Vexcash ( The credit period is on average 30 days. Thus, he is among other things an alternative to the dispo”dar and used with 67 per cent of customers primarily by men. The average user of short time credits, which only exist in Germany since the launch of Vexcash in 2011, is 35 years old. Younger borrowers between 18 and 24 years rent 219 euros at average, while there are much more in the 35 to shoulder with 370 euro. Over-60s need an average of 385 euros for a short time.

The amount of the bridging loan differs from federal State to federal State: While Bremer record 256 euros on average, there are 347 euro filmforum. States ranking with the average amount of the bridging loan: 1 Schleswig-Holstein: 347 euros 2. Hamburg: 344 euro of 3. Rhineland-Palatinate: 326 euro of 4 Bayern: 321 Euro 5 Saarland: 317 euro of 6 Hesse: 308 euro of 6 Lower Saxony: 308 euro of 8 Saxony: 306 euro 9 Thuringia: 302 euros 10 North Rhine-Westphalia: 292 euros 11 Berlin: 285 euro 12 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania: 283 euro 13 Baden-Wurttemberg: 280 Euro 14 Brandenburg: 278 Euro 15 Saxony-Anhalt: 16 259 Euro Bremen: 256 euro * evaluation refers to anonymous data of Vexcash from the fourth quarter of 2013 and includes 11,370 rental operations. About Vexcash the Vexcash AG, online short time loans with a maturity of up to 60 days as first provider awards since 2011.

People with foreseeable financial squeeze can borrow money through Vexcash for a short time, when they have no opportunity at their local bank to take out a small loan, for example, with just 14 days duration. Because Dispokredite or instalment loans offered by banks usually only in the long term. Additional options within like a wire transfer by 30 minutes and repaid in two installments are also available at Vexcash. The credit can be then pay back when the next content input. The company has been cooperating since February 2013 with the net-m privatbank 1891 first loans not exceed 500. The loans can advance repay, no pitfalls or hidden fees.