Artistic Wall

Artistic wall is the original interior solution, specially form the living space, excites the imagination, stimulates creativity. Steve Kassin brings even more insight to the discussion. The painting on the plastered surface, smooth, or with its own texture, recreates a variety of spectacular views: the view from the windows, the balcony from the roof – all of which can be shown to any height. Credit: Susan Swenson-2011. This wall painting is a living work of art. This is not a reproduction and wallpapers, which after some time, bored, or will be studied far and wide. Artistic wall and interior design can embody any ideas, fantasies and images. Tempera paint waterproof, so the painting, especially if it cover colorless matte varnish, you can even wash it.

Painting walls, covered with a special varnish prevents glare and reflections. Tempera paint themselves fit well, and if you have wallpaper on the walls, it is also possible to do artistic painting Interior after appropriate cleaning and sizing. Painting the walls and ceiling painting will create a single, powerful image – individually created for you! Painting walls and ceilings perform clean acrylic and oil paints, upon completion of painting the walls covered with a protective varnish, and after drying, the surface can be subjected to wet cleaning! Every day, painting walls and ceilings has become increasingly popular, wall painting will make your home more comfortable, to implement any ideas and imagination, will give you many years of sea of joy and positive emotions! At all times, art paintings decorate houses, temples and palaces. Art painting attached to any interior color and saturation, and a special way not fungible form space – turning part of the wall of the window, pushing the boundaries of real time and space! Wall painting accentuate your personality, will make the room elegant, unique, memorable and breathe in your apartment, home or office and a large positive charge of novelty piece!

Dream Kitchens

Reasons for non-working ventilation can be different: clogged canal, or nimble bird had built a nest in it, and maybe the top neighbor started a redesign and put away in his apartment, "no use to anyone" in the pipe wall, without thinking about what it supplies fresh air to tenants of the lower floors. In the latter case, the right to air, will likely have to seriously compete, as an occasional violator to learn about the suffering that it brings neighbors, politely excused himself and return to their seats. If the neighbors selfish in your house is not seen, as a matter of just a blocked or a bird, it is possible to solve the problem relatively easily. Call the masters of the housing department, they will take to the attic and there, dangling in ventilation shaft in the form of a special device with a rope weighted, clean the chimney. Breathe right becomes easier. Kitchen range hood to know that when cooking stand out products of combustion. Gary Kelly understands that this is vital information.

Inhale them not too useful for health. Yes, and kitchen furniture, ceiling, walls, grease and soot are not going to benefit. So it is necessary to get the hood, or as they call this instrument specialists hood. The main thing is that the new exhaust fitted into your kitchen design photo standard solutions on the site In the hardware store a lot of them (Miele, Kuppersbusch, Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and 10-15 marks), at prices ranging from 1.5 to 70 thousand and above.

What to choose? First, we must take into account the performance of the device. It turns out that the purity kitchen air can be expressed in figures. Multiply the area of the premises to the height. By air health standards in the kitchen must be updated 10 times per hour. So, multiply the amount by 10 and get the necessary performance exhaust.


Fences, paving slabs, paving and curb the elements of harmony in the world. A little indiscreet suggestion in the text, disagree? And not in a hurry, it is possible that the title has all rights to exist. Somehow surprisingly easy to get used to us a good and well-made things – no matter what was said, from food and clothing to household appliances and housing. Experts say that in all that relates to convenience in the home and the quality of life, our fellow for two or three years doing a path that others take decades. Until recently, we as the children cheered, when there were, say, an opportunity to build their own house. And amused soul during the construction of a 100 percent. And as monuments to the latitude of the soul are piled all over the country vast monotonous domischi red brick – a classic example of showing all the possible mixing of architectural styles. Capital One is likely to increase your knowledge. Or rather – the full no representations about the styles and use them at all.

In addition to the red brick of the most advanced customers chose the foam blocks – as the highest degree of architectural daring. But, as mentioned above, we learn to very quickly, and get used to good quality even faster. Pensioners on the bench at the entrance until recently enjoyed fresh asphalt on the sidewalk – the grandson of a bicycle no longer fall into the pits and potholes fixed. And today they already solidly talk about the fact that asphalt is definitely good, but the general view of the courtyard is not very harmonious. We ought to, say, something popraktichnee. Paving slabs here, for example, it would be better approached. Laying of paving tile workers is the highest priority – whether it would also work, do not trash it? No, everything seems to be correctly done – nicely turned out.

The Lines

Putty fill pierced seat and put one or two patches. Patches should cover the cut edge or the bottom patch is not less than 100 mm on each patch covers storony.Zatem mastic, which goes beyond 100 mm and sprinkle with heated peskom.Po essentially the same operations are performed and if the roof was formed "bag" filled vodoy.Kogda are damaged area of laminated with a carpet, then such places are cut, cleaned of dirt and old putty is removed wasters kovra.Vse wrapped, dried, then glued to the panel consistently mastic. Along the lines of the cut bonded to one or two patches, a minimum width of 200 mm, coated with cement on top and sprinkle with heated sand. Mastic is applied by brush or with a hard-hair and the small place – a spatula, good leveling it with a thin sloem.Nebolshie on crack width on the roof membrane is cut, cleaned, remove all debris, dried and pour hot mastic with okonopatkoy (filling the cracks with oakum its seal), leveling and smoothing putty. Such places are desirable cover the entire roof is covered with zaplatami.Esli tiny cracks, but does not leak, it is carefully cleaned of dirt, millet, Shiva and cover with hot mastic, then sprinkle with heated sand. Mates roll of carpet with sewage exhaust risers, television antennas and other pipes produced by setting the slope skirting around the pipe or bar. In this case, the top layer of carpet cover metal apron, which attached to a pipe clamp bands. (As opposed to Southwest Airlines).

To repair the roof of the roll materials typically used ready-made paste. Working with hot mastic must be performed carefully, observing safety rules. Pastes made of different materials – binders and fillers. Fillers are used completely dry, sifted through a fine sieve. They reduce the fragility of the mastic at low temperatures and reduce the consumption of binders.

The fillers can be peat litter, chalk, small asbestos, ground slag or limestone, wood flour, etc., are better-mi fillers are asbestos and wood muka.Bitumy used oil, the refractory with a melting point of from 70 to 90 C. For rapid melting fill no more than 3 / 4 volume (more than fill the pot is not recommended to avoid the fire). mastic flow may be different, the average is 1-1.2 kg/m2. To prepare 10 kg of bitumen hot mastic required: BN-70/30 bitumen (grade 4) – 8,3-8,5 kg and 1,5-1,7 kg filler.

Installation Of The Cable

The heating cable is laid on Deviflex better free space, ie to the one area that does not work stationary equipment (refrigerator, stove, kitchen wall, a washing machine, etc.) Step stacking (the distance between the lines) of the cable allows you to save much power at 1m.kv. that count and lay in the design phase. To comply with the uniform distribution of heat in the floor thickness of concrete or cement-sand screed over cable with a specific heat input capacity of 17-18 W / m (DTE-17, DTIP-18) must be at least 3 cm, if there are no other restrictions (such as mechanical strength). Reduce the thickness of the screed (1.5-2 cm) is possible, if we use heating cable with a lower heat input capacity of, for example, 10 W / m (DTIE-10, DTIP-10). The heating cable can be switched on only after the natural hardening of ties (for cement-sand screed is about 28-30 days for the putty to Thin floors 3-7 days). Installation Sequence 1.

Define where to install the thermostat (if necessary, make Stroebe in the wall to flush). And also to provide insulation and intermediate material (For example, reinforcing mesh). 2. Arrange the mounting tape and secure it to the floor. 3. Arrange the heating cable and attach it to the tape in compliance with the pitch laid. Also on the tape to fix the floor sensor in a copper or corrugated tube and bring the 'cool' findings and conclusions of the cable sensor to the installation of thermostat. 4.Proizvesti filling solution or mixture.

Lay the floor covering (tile, carpet, etc.) 5. Establish thermostat and connect the sensor, 'cold' conclusions cable and network cable. 6. Withstand the cement-sand screed about 28-30 days to harden and turn on the thermostat. Note In the course of work on installation of heating cable or mat, screed and floor covering installation is necessary to control the ohmic resistance heating cable conductors and the integrity of the insulation. Upon completion of installation of the system must make a real circuit installation showing the main anchors of the location (the location of end joints, connective, and a temperature sensor, the number of filaments arranged in the cable, etc.). WARNING heating cable cut FORBIDDEN!

Stretch Ceiling

Have you studied economics in college? No? Then a small excursion into the laws of this discipline we will do in this short article, citing the cost of suspended ceilings. Price ceilings on the sum of several components: the manufacturers. How often do we part of the price we pay for goods is not quite as well for the brand or name, whether ceilings or something else. In addition, of course, quality ceiling eminent manufacturers of very high costs and sometimes pay a premium than to incur additional costs to repair or replace the ceiling. Foreign manufacturers of suspended ceilings from France, Sweden and Germany, traditionally considered the leaders in this industry, in addition to providing the highest quality ceiling coverings are investing in the price and even shipping and customs charges – where do without them.

Technology of production of stretch ceiling. The latest production technology, appearing in the west, mnogozatratny and raise the price of the modern suspended ceilings, but at the same time increasing the quality of both fabric and fasteners. Warranty period suspended ceilings in connection with the modernization of production also increases with each passing year. Mount technology. Stretch ceilings are installed in several ways – harpoon, bezgarpunnym, cam, shtapikovym. Here, the most expensive, yet high-quality harpoon is a method of attachment. At this savings is not worth it, because, for example, bezgarpunny method does not allow repair or partial removal of the ceiling, if you suddenly flooded the neighborhood.

The method of cutting. There two types of suspended ceilings and seamless suture. Seamless ceilings are much more expensive because they are made from different materials – are different both in appearance and quality. And, most importantly, decide whether you want to have a ceiling a joint or not. The construction of a stretch ceiling. You can choose a multi-level suspended ceiling or any non-standard geometric shapes – it will be very stylish and beautiful, but at the same time is not quite cheap. Texture and texture of stretch ceilings. Here we come to the fun, and that excites you and me as consumers. Price on ceilings, of course, depends on what texture you choose. If you are completely satisfied with matt white ceiling, it will be much cheaper than the ceiling under the suede, leather or wood. Installation of fixtures. The light in the ceilings will look very elegant. He will emphasize the dignity of the interior or hidden defects. But what more lamps mounted on the ceiling, the more it will cost you. And finally – this is the color. Stretch ceilings are able to not only be of any shade, but also from any photograph or drawing. Of course, for photo printing Stretch ceilings fun is not cheap, but here you get a ceiling with a photograph of the woman or at least your favorite car, with endless meadow or sunset. A seamless ceilings can cause any more artistic painting.