Hector Perdomo Santoyo

A book you may seem like a jewel, when it is not, is a star or something more valuable. It is the book of Enrique Vilas Mata, Bartleby and company: a monolith research and illustration. In a walk, gives us an enormous amount of writers who left the writing, or who never wrote a line, because it was just better to not do it. And bequeathed us and throws is research, unsuspected writers who believed more in the immortality of a work and the left destination in the importance we have readers without writers. We know writers in Venezuela, that their partners achieved a quality without compromising their spouses, however; they were never recognized nor never signed his works, therefore, their anonymity thing usufruct with more than one whose effort was null. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as FPUC Program by clicking through.

I met several poets who remained unpublished, storytellers, novelists and Essayists; they were inveterate drinkers of cane, which shouted more of one or the other, and that outlined some lines bashed in napkins that ended into public drains. Oh! cometeria a crime but named the poet Ivan, Carlos Guia is his name, poetry of high-level, but; you care a cumin edit a book of poems. Also the case of Hector Perdomo Santoyo, El Peje, the majority of graduates in language and literature of pedagogic universities and others that can be added on demand EIS the readers of this infamous essay. But, I want to go to the book Bartleby and company. I was pleased to order and neat in the investigation. Part of Herman Melville and his short story Bartleby, goes by dipping between writers of the stature of Juan Rulfo, Rimbaud, Yeats, Wilde and others. It is a tribute to those who stopped writing on the grounds that they were; Maybe, is a tribute to who is more important: the reader. We criticize, without delving into the depth that Balzac called incomprehensible.

We had a great writer Marino palaces, writer who made his work, very young, between eighteen and twenty-seven years, and in full 1940s, had the wisdom of commenting as there were great writers who hoped do his work and never wrote it. I recommend this writer will investigate, in the same way that the poet Roberto Montesinos. Writing is a craft that is made for the inner delight; to make up for the deficiencies of any kind that trap our beings; to give the world the creation that compete with God, we conducted between silence and many times against adversity. Also I am a Bartleby, friend Enrique Vilas Mata.


Where the current reality of Inhassoro is placed in terms of its geographical location, the conformation of the administrative political structure, the typical language of the community, the meaning of the family unit, different religious practices and the value of the land as a source of tradition and culture, to recognize their own relations and inequalities in control and the use of resources, and who according to its position have the power legitimacy on these. The second part represents the governmental system, through how can meet the needs of the population in different areas: economic activity; the conditions of life; education and health, and; the judicial system, order and public safety. In the sense of achieving the main objectives for the overcoming of poverty and taking into account a gender perspective. Learn more about this with Scott Kahan. Finally, the main conclusions will be established for the research, although probably for tomorrow because they will be obsolete, because what is valid today responds to a space and given context, but helps us build and form our own future, for this reason there are to work in this present an opportunity to insert the conciencializacion recognize the gender perspective in all areas and sofight for a more just and equitable society. Complete research: 1 I mean racism by having a white skin color, being that my place of origin is Chile. And yet, it is very little transition time for the existence of a true reconciliation and overcoming of resentment to the former colony and the rest of barbarities that were made in this continent, in addition to the usufruct of their resources..

Human Rights International Church

Under the slogan “Do not be silent! Tell discrimination “No!” Which is the theme for this year’s Human Rights Day, was a whole range of activities – from the Forum against the slave trade in Pasadena, Calif., before the march for human rights in more than 30 countries and a seminar on human rights in Pakistan. The marchers handed out thousands of leaflets “Youth for Human Rights, which in simple language told of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “When young people hear about hate crimes and discrimination wherever they live, they want to act – says Tracy Morrow, coordinator of the Youth Movement for Human Rights International Church of Scientology. – How can they remain silent when their eyes are subjected to harassment of students in their own school, or when they read about the attack on the Imam in New York just because of their religion or how the crowd sounded the death in a fit of hatred immigrant from Ecuador? “. As an example of what youth can achieve, Morrow talked about the Mexican state of Chiapas. According to a nationwide poll conducted by the Ministry of Education of Mexico, 50% of college students admitted that they participated in the discrimination of other students in his university. The State Government has decided to take effective action in this regard and, using information the Mexican branch of the fund “Youth for Human Rights, ratified a change in the constitution to include all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and made human rights education in schools compulsory.

“Being the first Mexican state to who made this step, Chiapas, Mexico, and sets an example for the rest of the world “- says Morrow. Following the initiative of the State of Chiapas, Mexico’s Ministry of Education to commemorate Human Rights Day, printed 10,000 brochures, “What is human rights? “distributed by the fund” Youth for Human Rights. ” Events, Human Rights Day, were the Church of Scientology and the movement “Youth for Human Rights on six continents – in Austria, Australia, Britain, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Finland, Israel, India, Italy, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Somalia, usa, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Sweden , Sri Lanka, South Africa and Japan. Human Rights Division of the Church of Scientology is proud to support an international fund “Youth for Human Rights, a secular nonprofit organization founded in 2001. Its purpose – to teach young people human rights, in particular the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become advocates for peace and tolerance. Ron Hubbard (founder of Scientology) wrote: “Human rights should become a reality, and not idealistic dream.”

Foreign Beethoven

Who is cooler? – Beethoven or Britney Spears? Here’s a question that I asked three dozen people from 13 to 50 years. – And, Beethoven, which group? – Asked me seven teenagers. – Britney, like her mother? Spears. Where to shoot? – Confounding four plodders over forty, looking out of the pit in the middle of the street. – And you, of what service? Asked the three. (I think they are not interested in neither one nor the other) – I absorb “Gothic” – casually, through the black smoke a cigarette, threw the girl, painted, like Marilyn Manson before the cremation, and lilac – striped socks, dressed in his hands. – Punk rock is alive! – Show me “the goat”, and two broken life dudes and offered me a drink for Hoey. Driver of the bus, dull look right through me, and seeing me with one “Chirikov” in his hand, added volume. Under most conditions Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow would agree.

– Tum-aa-a-n is over-oh-oh-oh- Noah – I was the answer. – Beethoven in the treatment of “Apocalyptica” – a thing! And Britney, bitch! Are you on Prayst, go? I shook my head. – Well, Blow away, uncle – contracting phrase, riveted and wood ites “metallyuga, already falling asleep on the bench, by which I counted six bottles of” cooler “. Two old ladies at the front door, first look around anxiously, not seeing the backs of his unshaven man with a club, they calmed down. Asked: From the housing department? After five minutes of unsuccessful attempts to obtain from them, what – or sensible, I leaned close to them and yelled: Excuse-I? Do I have to blame? They shied away to the bushes of lilac and long twisted my fingers next to his temple, bitterly regretting that all psychiatric hospitals in our city – the hero, are overcrowded. Skupschitsa used “gamers”, clicked on the “clave”, and lazily stretched out: – All the “ringtones”, fifteen. But statistics downloads, and not announced.

Unfortunate – refugees, trade, brought apparently straight out of Africa, bananas, turned his back on me. Telling me that same back: – Delom need to do! – Daragoy! – Delom! The Beatles – Forever – sadly shrugged grizzled style glasses, holding in one hand and lap-dog whining and screeching in the other granddaughter. And the others looked at me as a new gate and in their eyes I read the same thought, and scram like you, along with his Beethoven and Britney, and do not bother us to live. Ashamed, and nothing and have not figured out I walked, the sun palimy, repeating to himself: Indeed.

Winning Investment

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For Love Of Art

What is the origin of the term Creole penalty?. Much I remember the 1970s, when he participated in a musical ensemble playing guitar; the music that we did were Peruvian cumbia, salsa, rhythms and some of Santana. Weekends in had that going to play, I liked to see the television program dances and songs of the Peru, transmitting a was local; He was holding my acoustic guitar, and I would start to follow music chords which interpreted the musicians on television; imagined that he was playing with them; This helped me to know many Creole songs. At the end of the program, I was going to play. This program lasted a long time, and I always followed him in this way. In 75 more or less I started working playing guitar in a venue that was in the block 17 of the Av.

Arenales in Lynx; as I lived in the Rimac, had to spend with minibus by the 3 block of Arenales, and there existed a local which featured Creole show, Charles and his sentence, the I looked from the microbus, and thought: (as I would like to work on the death penalty). To my luck, one of the guitarists who worked there, lived in the Rimac; We met through another musician, and soon time led me to work in that place. Working on the premises, I had the opportunity to join in the musical framework, all the artists that I saw on television, in the program that always followed. There are many experiences, anecdotes and circumstances that I lived on the premises. Alternating with artists and seniors in age, I couldn’t know that the term Creole penalty came in the year 1940. In the constitutional province of Callao, Criollo groups were formed to play guitar and sing folk music, and for being near the sea, took this nickname of penalty. Then appeared the musical centers, where also you could participate, singing, playing guitar, cajon and castanets; everyone involved in shifts, nobody was paid nothing. I not asked, nor I wanted to find out in that moment the thing turned commercial, because somehow I was part of this trade, (as graciously said a colleague, us us prostituimos musically speaking) the true meaning of the Creole penalty was that, join a fraternity, where everyone involved singing, playing guitar, playing cajon, castanets, and why not, taking some kind of liquor, and suddenly who knowsthey would prepare Creole dishes, but everything would be as it is for love of art I understand that in some districts of our great metropolitan Lima, continues with this tradition; that especially not degenerate in other aspects, so that folk music, has the presence that deserves and therefore hopefully this persita.

Reconciliation Of Positions

This call came in the afternoon, after almost three-hour visiting session of the provincial Duma, held at the administration of city district. But a positive attitude to start right from the morning, when the provincial deputies have yet inspected city facilities under construction or planned for construction only through money from the regional budget, although the city will take part in co-financing. crystallization Positives The first list is the stadium "Crystal". To him, however, as to the remaining sites, the provincial deputies arrived, along with Mayor Alexander Kurylinym on folk modestly – in two buses. Inspected the stadium and at the same time City Park from the windows already built under the roof of the four-story building.

The review was great, the prospect, outlined by the mayor, if not spectacular, it has visibly shaped the mood of the deputies in the positive. And yet, one moment deserves to voice the dialogue between the mayor and members of: – In this corner (Hand mayor aims at an empty square area between the stadium and the building of the Savings Bank) in the project will be laid ice palace. It can be built on commercial basis. Held talks with the Petersburg entrepreneurs. Those willing themselves to build, own and operate. – Good idea – agreed with the mayor of the deputies. – To us from Togliatti – continued Kurylin – already addressed Hockey Club "Lada" and supported our idea. If we build, they are ready to engage and train the nursery team here Ladas.

Central Bank

There are quite definite view of the members of government: Finance Minister Kudrin Economic Development Minister Nabiullina, Prime Minister Putin and other officials. That same opinion expressed "by independent experts, economists and political scientists. The essence of this view is as follows: the ruble, according to with respect to the basket (this dollar and the euro) should be kept low, and if possible reduce – it is profitable to our exporters. Let us, dear reader, we shall understand who these exporters, and what their benefits. Suppose that I, as exporter, has put natural gas, fuel gas to its customers, "abroad". For this delivery, was stipulated in the contract amount – for example, is one billion euros. The ruble and the euro at the time of sale, was: one euro – is forty-five rubles.

We will not discuss my expenses. The main interest of the ruble exchange rate set by "Central Bank". I would like to know what is my benefit manufacturers and exporters from such a low rate ruble against the euro, which sold my product? It is rather simple. If I'm selling the goods at one billion euros, made a profit, the same in euros. And if one euro equals forty rubles, my profit would be forty times more than in rubles on the domestic market – forty-five billion rubles. And here come into play internal-market rules, "I" is invented. This means that I'll pay: its employees, dealers, contractors – forty times less than the cost of their services and cost of goods in the European market, creating your, own, internal market for goods and services.

The Population Of The Earth

Winter of 2006 world population topped 6, 5 billion people, while less than 20 years ago July 11, 1987 the figure stood at 5 billion the entire second half of the xx century was accompanied by rapid population growth, the so-called "Population explosion". According to most scientists, the earth is overpopulated, and a further increase in population will lead to a global ecological catastrophe. Some experts believe that the increase in the number of population of short-term nature, and in 2010 will decline. It is known that for many centuries world population was small and grew slowly. The most likely his number at the beginning of our era – 230 million, of which 2 / 8, lived in Asia. Over the next thousand years it has risen to 288 million growth was inhibited extremely high mortality and often interrupted by wars, epidemics, famine, which led to a balance between births and mortality.

Growth rate of world population sharply accelerated since the mid xviii century, especially in Europe, which was due to the development of capitalism. Ry rapid population growth in America and Australia was caused by migration flow, mainly from Europe. The rapid acceleration of growth in population occurred in the middle of xx century. If during its first half it increased at 1, 5 times, then over the next 37 years – has doubled. After World War ii everywhere dramatically reduce mortality, which was mainly due to the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics.

Fertility declined quite slowly, and in some places is temporarily increased. This led to "Population explosion". But it is characteristic only for developing countries, in developed countries, however, population growth has decreased, and in some – has stopped. The share of developed countries in the world population is rapidly decreasing: from 33% in 1950 to 23% in 1990 recent years, population growth rates are highest in Africa (about 3% per year) and Latin America (more than 2%). In some European countries (Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Sweden) is a natural decline in population. See more detailed opinions by reading what baby clothes offers on the topic. Now, more than half humanity lives in Asia. Most populous countries – China and India. This is followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Russian Federation within its borders in 2009 occupies the number of inhabitants (142 million) in ninth place in the world.