Auto Protection

Among the many motorists car alarm at the moment with one hundred percent certainty, there are three alliance: – want to buy some budget option "button and the one that played as much as possible signalka loudly if someone touches a car, and blocked the doors themselves, "and the doors themselves were blocked," that is at least the operations for at least denezhek – motorists who need a mission startup. For most of them need the presence of liquid crystal display on the key fob, provides feedback, and the radius of the transmitter should be the maximum (not necessarily less than 1 km), then the price ceases to have meaning – "advanced" Buyers who want to protect your car with prejudice, based on the latest developments and technologies in the field of protection. It is the latter, as a rule, well-read information about the protection options. Not many motorists this Category occasionally asking for help from any "install" the center, facing salespeople car alarms, in a discussion which revealed that "if they want to steal – all the same hijacking." Prieto for any car owner will definitely be something to offer. As a rule, the most hyped popular brands. Educate yourself with thoughts from baby clothes.

And that "something" would be a good, versatile, attractive, "bolsheradiusnym" charm. AND it (this "something") "very very necessary to your favorite car because it's cool" (sometimes you can hear somewhere "elite"). One way or something like this is usually a process of selection avtosignolizatsy. The race competition between The installation centers in lowering prices to attract the maximum number of problem customers employees in these companies forget about the first – for what, in fact, they set up security systems. Not always, for example, consultant behind the counter and sells car alarms can porasskazat you code-grabber, how, at what frequency and with a goal created interference, and how of it all can be protected.

Sometimes the whole process of sale is reduced to protect the installation of some equipment. After that, everything is easy: "That's it (alarm) is activated, so this button is turned off and the rest will learn when you read instructions." If the first two categories of car owners mentioned in this article occurs, usually happy to meet and escort them to the assembly areas (dilemmas give a little, and just pay the money), then "advanced" of its patrons avtosobstvennosti to put it mildly dislike. They incessantly ask the dilemma to which many pseudo-experts do not know or do not want to know the answers. For example, such that a dynamic or interactive dual codes than They differ from the code KeeLoq, as no remote control to enable protection mode, just do what is necessary PIN-code, how to check how many remote controls programmed into the system, such that the mission "protivorazboya" and whether the control channel in Feedback? Who needs the "advanced" ? It turns out – only to the owner of the car. Toupee than in matters of avtosobstvennik, the more he is able to give bobla, the better a mountain specialist.